Canadian Couponing: Trouble printing coupons with java!

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This vid is for people with Windows operating systems that are using either chrome or Internet Explorer and are having trouble printing smart source coupons. I hope it helps!


Cheeky Saver says:

LOL I am no where near a computer genius… I am sure someone with real computer skills fell over when they read that! Any tips i have are very hard earned and this one i cussed up a blue streak over. I refused to give up until I had it fixed and figured it out. Many couponers are having similar problems so it was time to share the hard won info with people who help me save money every day. I use snagit 9 for my screen captures. It works for all pictures and vids like mine.

Cheeky Saver says:

Thanks so much! I just really hope it helps us save some $.

John Strabismus says:

I never knew you were a computer genius! I'm not. What screen capture program do you use? I use Hypercam 2.

vongoth01 says:

wow great tips!

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