Canadian Couponing: Where to find coupons, Today’s coupon haul.

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One of my most asked questions is… Where do you get your coupons?!? As a Canadian who has watched the extreme couponing show I already realized they get way more coupons then we do… for more products then we have… now where do i get them? My answer is everywhere. I went from store to store looking for coupons and deals. Today’s focus is on the tear pad coupons we can find. While i was going through stores today i was looking for Cascade paper towel and toilet tissue in small packs just over $2. I was also looking for packaging with coupon deals and labels. I didn’t find anything more then the coupons but at least I got triple duty out of my grocery store time… more if you count the calories i walked off! Watch for booklets in the stores and thumb through those free mags. Fairly often there are some very nice coupons in them. The cheese coupons I got I will use on $1 packs of cheese and i will get them at half off a already reasonable sale price…. not free but still a great deal all because i picked up a free magazine in store and looked for it. The smucker coupons were also in booklets that contained coupons.
There are tear pad coupons in many of the stores you go into every day and in Canada for the most part they go up once a month. This was a good month for coupons.


Kathleen says:

Get restaurant coupons here:

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LOL Things kids say when they are little are just priceless!

Cheeky Saver says:

LOL you got it and thank you 🙂

John Strabismus says:

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You take care of that there head, now, ya hear!

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