CLICKLIST Tips: Online Grocery Pickup at Smith’s & Kroger! (Save MORE Money & Time)

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If you shop at Smith’s or Kroger Owned Grocery Stores, you are definitely going to want to checkout the Online Grocery Pickup with Clicklist! I’m sharing my Grocery Haul with you today that I ordered completely online, was still able to use my grocery coupons and digital coupons and didn’t leave my car! It literally saved me so much time from regular grocery shopping and I was still able to save the same money from shopping in-store. This video will show you how to use clicklist and share clicklist tips to make your grocery shopping go as smoothly as possible!

Make sure you watch the video to know how to enter the Giveaway! 2 people will win a $25 Smith’s/Kroger Gift Card. Giveaway Winners will be announced on June 8th, 2017. Good Luck!


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GingerBoy Kris says:

I work at click list 😉

Toenicka McAdoo says:

i have to try

breann thomas says:

Wal Mart does this my mom supervisor in the area I very much recommend it

Maeshell Washington says:

Haven't…but it's peaked my interest!

Diciembregato says:

Our Kroger is remodeling now to offer this service. I can't wait until they are done and I can try it.

Jimini ohler says:

I excited to try click list. not in my area yet, but thanks for the info. you are awesome

Connie Brown says:

Planning to try it 😀😀

Aimee Ritchie says:

I haven't tried it yet but after watching this I really want to! How cool that they will bring the items to your house if anything is missing? And I also love that they will still take paper coupons. So cool.

Julianne Rara says:

I have been wanting to try out ClickList! I have an 11 month old and it sounds like an awesome timesaver!

Julianne Rara says:

I have been wanting to try out ClickList! I have an 11 month old and it sounds like an awesome timesaver!

Heidi Anderson says:

Wow! I didn't know you can use coupons like that with clicklist. I definitely am wanting to try it now.

Amelia Hill says:

I'm so glad you did this video. The thought of clicklist has appealed to me in a major way (hello toddler and Autistic 6 year old!), but I'm super picky about my produce and having things well within date. Your produce and eggs looked great, and I love that the cold items were cold. I'm going to give this a try. Yet again, one of your tips might be a #gamechanger for our family! <3 Thank you, Melea!

jenalee27 says:

I love Smith's and Its where I do my shopping. I would do clicklist if my store had it. hopefully sooner than later that will happen!

Jayna Smith says:

This is awesome! I've never used it, but now I will for sure.

petrakeys says:

I have used the ClickList option several times!  I like how they track items you frequently purchase and you can click to add those to your cart without searching for them.  I like the substitutions if they do not have the right item or quantity of products you are requesting in your online cart.  Definite time saver!!!

Sandra Posada says:

I haven't use Clicklist before but it sounds great! What I most like is the fact that you can still use coupons, amazing. Thank you for the video:)

Jill H says:

Haven't tried it but love the idea to save time and not take the kids in!

Becky Clark says:

We have a Kroger here that has ClickList. I haven't tried it yet but so many friends have and love it! I've been apprehensive because my husband is very particular about his fruits and veggies. Seeing that comment box where you entered that you wanted green bananas makes me feel better about the process. Thank you so much for making this video so I could see what it's like going through the process. Now to decide what I want to do during that hour of my life I'll gain back….

Tiffany Quinney says:

I have really been wanting to try this, especially with a new baby it would make getting groceries so much easier!

Melissa Apple says:

I do Walmart grocery pickup but would love to try Smiths too! I love not having to take my 3 small children into the store

blessdmommy says:

I haven't used it. I typically use Walmart pick up. With this, I like how you can use paper & digital coupons!! Nice.

Rebecca AnnRose says:

I have never tried it but I definitely would looks Awesome favorite part not going in the store saves so much time ❤️ and no screaming kids 😂😊

Lindsay Hamilton says:

I haven't tried it yet, but am looking at trying it this weekend! If it works, it will save me a TON of time and money. I am horrible about putting things in my cart that are not on my list.

carrollcl1992 says:

I haven't used it but would love to try it!

Kara B says:

I would love to try it. However, my local Smith's is not a participating store.

Brittney N says:

I love it!! It's a life changer! I love seeing my total online as I'm adding groceries to my cart so I can stay within my budget. I also love that I can order same day now. It's amazing!

Vinuja Anbarasan says:

This is the first time i am hearing about it..I usually stick to the walmart nearby..but after seeing your video..I want to try it..saves a ton of time. So here after i am gonna enjoy my weekend instead of walking down the aisles.

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