Code 61 – Drop The Deal

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New Beat tune

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teknoäijä says:

wonder if lack of proper drug use causes the poor quality of modern music

steven willaert says:

take's me back a long long time ago… the early years of dj'ing…. love it!!


olha a boite misty ai gente.! ( rua das ninphas, recife )   muito bom

KRIS De Wulf says:

Zaaaaalig …

Belgin Kuçuk says:

The sound of Belgium

Vivianhiro Bertuzzoshi says:

Sounds a little bit like M.A.R.R.S, pump up the volume in slow motion…

kevin barry white says:

Trip @ Asoria, thats all i gotta say !!!!

ubeumbe says:

@andytwhu1 well that's really good to know, i was not sure anymore, so we were both there and maybe we shook hands 🙂 thank you! Merry Christmas to you my friend!

andrew taylor says:

@ubeumbe jesus, forgot all about "made on earth", that was before sin. i'm sure both nights were run by nicky holloway. fantastic music and as you said smiling faces everywhere. and yes i do remember those giant sheets hanging down. thanks for reminding me. great nights !…………….. merry christmas

ubeumbe says:

@andytwhu1 winter 88/89 at the Astoria was that Sin?For some reason i remember a acid house night called "made on earth", can it be? I remember looking from the second floor at the white sheets that were hanging in the ceiling with light color images spinning on it.. and good music and smiling faces, man did we dance.. cheers

Saber Chamaoui says:

I dropped way too many deals…and I regret that!

andrew taylor says:

the astoria in london{sin} 1989, to many drugs

pukkie500 says:

goei schijf zulle ja ze

Darren Miles says:

great memories what i can remember ! 1989

TheDannyClockwork says:

Echoes 89. Bow road, Tony wilson. Memories.

brianartillery says:

Dialogue from the TV show 'Miami Vice'. Guaranteed floor filler when I was dj'ing back in prehistoric times. lol.

acidhouse1988 says:

haha shes got my tattoo on her ass…..nice

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