COMPLETE RESET…Get more Huggies & Garnier Coupons NOW!!!!

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Virgie Landa says:

Hi Luellen,, I hope I spelled your name right. I have a question. I normally buy my printer paper at Walmart but this time I bought it at Kroger. I noticed the paper is slightly thicker than the other. My colgate printable was rejected by CVS and my Zantac printable was rejected by Kroger, do you think its because of my paper? Sure hate to waste anymore ink. Thank you.

2babygirls says:

Colgate reset for myself but The garnier is gone for me

stephanie zahner says:

Tfs do u know of any diaper deals coming up?

The Home Plate Special says:

that Nellie's egg commercial on coupons dot com and how they keep pre-clipping for us is very annoying and pretty inappropriate. The nellie's commercial makes light of factory farming which is very strange since they are selling a kinder product. Go figure.

The Home Plate Special says:

Good catch!

lisa johnson says:

I'm so confused with the terminology for the huggies coupon because they are giving me alot of problems the luvs as well I tried to do the target bby. deal & the luvs qpon wouldn't go thru. very diappointed

Geyza Alvarez says:

thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸŒΉπŸƒ

Tameeka Mckenzie says:

You can delete your history and print as many times you want

Ana v says:

I'm ready for all the videos you bring us!! Lol! Thumbs up!! TFS

Lissa Crane says:

Got it~thank you! Now I can head over to CVS and use my husband's card to get the hair treatment! Hoooray!

Jess Elizondo says:

Happy Saturday πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jennifer Effinger says:

Kool.β™‘β™‘ always looking out for us! !

carbonfreak78 says:

Morning Llywelyn! Printing my coupons now. Thanks for sharing 😊

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