Coupon crazy teen buys £105 of groceries for £1

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A money-saving blogger made international headlines when he travelled from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin because it was cheaper than taking the train. “Coupon kid” Jordon Cox is on a quest to share his money-saving tips with the nation – but where did his own story start?
When you first read about Jordon Cox’s 1,017-mile journey back home to save £7.72, his actions might seem a bit extreme.
His journey, which could have been done and dusted in just over three hours, lasted for 12, including a trip to the Brandenburg Gate and a currywurst.
Mr Cox himself admits the trip was a bit of “blue-sky thinking”, but his epic journey captured the media’s imagination and catapulted him and his money-saving tips on to TV screens around the globe.
Aged 18, he now has more than 10,000 Twitter followers – having gained 7,000 since his blog about Berlin – and a job blogging for Martin Lewis’s website,
‘Dad left us’
But the last couple of weeks are a far cry from Mr Cox’s life when he started seeking out deals and coupons aged 15, after watching a US television programme called “Extreme Couponing”.
The reality series follows shoppers making use of money-off vouchers while trying to accumulate the most groceries.
The show inspired Mr Cox because of a change in his family circumstances.
“My dad left us, so it was down to me and my mum, and we were living on just her salary then,” he said.
“I couldn’t work because I was too young, and we were struggling to make ends meet and enjoy things in life like we had before – going for meals out or trips.
“After I saw the TV show, I searched for coupons on the web and found you could do something similar in the UK. That week I went out and saved £10 on shopping.”

Once Mr Cox had started saving money, he decided to share his tips on a Facebook page.
“It all grew from there. I had people messaging me saying ‘I’m a single mum, how can I do this?’
“I told them, if they could apply simple couponing skills, they could use the money they saved towards bills and other things.
“If I could do it as a 15-year-old, anyone could do it.”
A few months later, Mr Cox was hosting couponing seminars in his hometown of Brentwood, Essex, teaching shoppers how to save as much money as possible.
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