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Here are my deals from Walgreens & CVS this week. Y’all RUN to get those razors while it’s working! Crazy good deal!

Want to get the deals this week at Walgreens & CVS?? Visit the site I mentioned below for the set up for each deal and online coupons!

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April Felton says:

I'm from Laplace,Louisiana…I knew there was something about you I liked..subscribed! p.s. I really hate walgreens for couponing lol…too many rules

Eloisa Ramirez says:

Awesome deals on razors. I did the razors deals earlier this week and it did give me the 10,000 points per razor. The pizzas were out. Thanks for doing the videos and letting us know what deals are out there for us to do. πŸ™‚

Lekeysha Marshall says:

i did the deal at walgreens on Wednesday. i used 3 q. it gave me a total of 10000 points.

shrimpnfish504 says:

Hey, Nicole, I went to that Walgreen in Mandeville/CovingtonΒ a couple of months ago they told me the same thing. i dont believe they realize couponers is what buy the store out.

Irene Bresnahan says:

I really do not like couponing at walgreens. I have had similar problems. Pretty much I just do CVS anymore. Great video I subscribed.

Shonte Hall says:

I'm confused with the pizza deal.Are you using 1 bogo coupon for all 6 pizza's???

mus14 k says:

Your son back there is just precious, LOL.

Licci Will says:

I agreed with you I promise to stop shopping at Walgreen. That is so true you they are only scanning one coupon only.

Nicole Burgess says:

Just an update for yall: I'm pretty sure the glitch has been corrected, do its not distributing the points as of today (Wednesday). I currently still have all the points that was awarded to me, so I don't think retracting awarded points is an issue.

Charlie Beagle says:

Is anyone got their points taking off for the glitch razors deal? I think they just fix the system, but whoever got the points should remain there, why would they subtract your points when it their system glitching?

Marie Robles says:

Omg yes my Walgreens is also doing that! I live in NYC so everything is a little more expensive so the I wanted to do the Cotonelle deal and it was priced for $4.99 at my store so I took two to the register and hand her my 2 $1 off coupons and she literally said "oh we don't accept copies." I was like that's not a copy she said "it looks like it, and plus we can't take two .. it says here "do not double" im like what??? So confused mind you I had an upset toddler and like 5 people behind me and more people kept coming so I told her I know that's not right but whatever have a nice day and I didn't do the deal πŸ™ I should've now that I think about it. Should've asked for a manager because it clearly looked like she didn't know what she was talking about!!!! >=[

Shannon Cook says:

Your little rant is the exact reason I stopped couponing at Walgreens.Β  It's just gotten ridiculous.

Karaskorner says:

Wow! Going to Walgreens!! How can each Walgreens make their own rules? That seems wrong. Thanks for the video!

Candie Lawson says:

Girlfriend u was smoking πŸ”₯ shopping at Walgreen's u go gf… I'm hitting that place tomorrow thx for sharing

Saving with Nikki says:

Yes Nicole! They are a life saver for momma lol… Unfortunately, I didn't get to print those coupons. Great deals! tfs

Rachel Lane says:

I heard walgreens is taking back the points because it's a glitch

Positively Plus says:

I stopped couponing and just started back up recently, went to cvs a few weeks ago with a transaction that only had me using 3 coupons but they wouldn't scan for some reason, the cashier told me they can't enter in coupons if they don't scan through on their own…she ended up entering in two of my coupons but couldn't enter in my last coupon that was a .25 cent coupon…like really? Haha stores are getting so random now.

Brittany Tollberg says:

OMG!!!! Such a great deal I'm so going!!! I also really dislike when cashiers have attitudes and huff and puff. It makes me feel uncomfortable but hey like u said we leave as a winner πŸ™‚

Sharon Wise says:

That's a great deal on the pizza!! The nail polish and the razors too! Awesome!

Judith Williams says:

I got my razors online yesterday and they gave me 36,000 points. Awesome

Kerri walsh says:

Yes Walgreens is pissing me off lately

couponingstacy says:

The Razor deal was a glitch and they're retracting the points

Lanita Richardson says:

You are a winner!

Shenikqwa Mcduffie says:

I am going 1st thing in the morning to do the razors deal thanks for the heads up : )

Tammy bustle says:

thanks for sharing

pamsavingdollars 47 says:

I love how your son is just sitting there so nice and quiet and just listening to you speed talk till finally I see him dozing off.
So cute. πŸ™‚

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