Coupon Deals at Tesco January 2017

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Filmed on 12th January, the Coupon links are as follows…

£6.50 Off Always Discreet Pants
75p Off Pantene
£1 Off Johnsons Bedtime Range
£1 Off Ariel Gel
75p Off Oral-B Pro Expert
£1 Off Fairy Non Bio Pods
50p Off Flash Gel

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Sisters Forever says:

I went to Tesco last week and got hot water bottle for 25p each reduced to clear from £5 I picked up 4 xxx

Laura Cassidy says:

were is good to print off coupons ?? love how you get all the deals

Ruby Munn says:

Which tesco do you go to ?

D Pagne says:

Where do you get these coupons?

Joann Greig says:

Anyone know when Super Savvy Me are gong to reset there coupons. They don't seem to have done it for February 😞

Gary Phillips says:

Never even considered doing this, but I have just subscribed to your channel

Abbie coker says:

We're do you print do that come In the post

WiltshireFamilyVlogsUk says:

Brilliant channel , subscribed 🙂 please take a look at my 75% off wilkinsons haul on our channel , I got there just at the right time for the bargains lol 🙂

it's Begum says:

do the coupons need to be printed out in colour. and do they work at any supermarket like iceland etc

Nadine Kane says:

We're you able to get a raincheck coupon for the out of stock item?

George Westwater says:

Thanks for the video – I went to Tesco on Saturday and managed to get the Fairy Liquitabs, the Ariel Gel, the Flash Gel, the toothpaste, the Pantene and finally the Johnson Bedtime lotion.  Thanks again !!

Denise Morris says:

Where do you find the Tesco coupons??

Aimee Hayes says:

I did a big laundry shop today..I did go overboard.. £80 of shopping went down to £44 after coupons and my staff discount..yey..I got 2 lots of them always pants going straight to charity..

Joana Luis says:

hi, where you can get the coupons???

michelle newland says:

HI Holly . I have printed off my coupons thanks to you. Hope all was ok re floods at bad weather. Take care lovely. x

Yo Sammy! says:

well done holly. 🙂 i always enjoy your coupon videos. I always change my brand of laundry products depending on whats the best deals xxx

Nichole Goodland says:

The Always Discreet pants are £6.50 in Sainburys aswell. Also on the Medium packs I got a free travel bag with the pack, so it was an extra bonus. 🙂

spiceness says:

Thank you!!

Sandra Rose Warman-Johnston says:

Where do I find these coupons please?

Christopher Lee says:

Well done Holly for another great video!

Dawn Brown says:

how to get the coupons

stephen mander says:

wow didnt think you could get coupons for tescos

Lyn Asquith says:

Brilliant idea, to use "free" product coupons and donate – never thought of doing that, but definitely will do now. Keep these wonderful coupon links/you tube videos coming – you are a real inspiration!

rockin fun cool things says:

Me and my mum just watched this video xx 😘

Coupon Queen says:

Hi holly can you help with a template how to get proudests to review thanks

Lindsay Hoof says:

My iceland bonus card came thursday and i had a £3 coupon off any £30 shop there.I was well impressed.I have been waiting for you to vlog again as i enjoy watching you save save save and getting shopping for nothing and donating. You did rather well again.

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