Coupon Grocery Haul – Free and Cheap with Coupons!

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More great stuff, free and super-cheap by combining coupons and sales!!! Save money and your sanity!!


Jenny Sorci says:

Yes granola bars are awesome to have available for if you are starving or bring on hikes/ long walks. Wow you made money buying the cat litter with the coupons. That's so cool. 👍😘❤

Dhona Skye says:

I like shopping with coupons to but a lot of places don't allow doubling anymore or they do you have to have a separate $25 purchase so sometimes it doesn't pay but I do like you I'm trying to save as much money as possible

JoshAdams says:

Just found your channel and I'm loving the recent vids! I can see you are super into health and fitness, I am too!! I just posted a first full day of eating video on my own channel, it'd be awesome if you checked it out and told me what you think:)

CJ Y-money ent says:

I got to start shopping with coupons. Great haul 😁👍🏾

Aletheia Backs says:

What store did you shop at today? I don't think my local stores let you use more than one coupon

Homestyle Recipes says:

Wooow…. nice stuff….

DelphineWifeofPhilip Mum says:

I like the granola bars , I am vegan again and can have them still. Last week they had some new ones that they shared in London to the public. I didn't get any but the coupons where all over the station and I have had some free at the station before. You got good stuff. I am like you , if I can safe money then I go for it

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