Coupon Grocery Shopping~HAUL

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Today I’ll be taking you along as I grocery shop and use coupons to for more savings!
6 easy Freezer meals-

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6 Chicken Crockpot Freezer Meals-
Ground Beef Freezer Meals-
Casserole Freezer Meals-
Chicken Drumstick Freezer meals-

Chicken In A Hurry-
Pork Tenderloin-
New England Clam Chowder-
Chicken Orzo Soup-
Corn Chowder-
Tuna Pot Pie-
Sweet N Sour Chicken-
Deviled Eggs-
Broccoli Salad-
Lazyman lasagna-
Tator Tot Casserole-
Spit pea soup-
Cauliflower Macaroni-

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BellRain Chan says:

Are you from The states? In Canada, they don't allow that many coupons in the store.

Cup of Kudos says:

Do you ever feel bad that you are buying ALL the cereal deal combos – not letting anyone have a deal?  Or does that not bother you?  I get stocking up.  But seriously 12 boxes of cereal?  What about everyone else?  or maybe that promo is ONLY for you.  Just doesn't seem right.

Margaret Sather says:

omg milk 1.85 wish we had milk prices like that here in canada

Tanya Rivera says:

Have you tried the big bags of cereal from Walmart?

DIY Sisters says:

Our milk cost $1

Samantha O'Dell says:

a tip I have found out is when picking out your bell peppers if there is 3 nots at the bottom those are better for cooking if there is 4 nots at the bottom those are sweeter and better for eating raw

TriH2r Malis says:

Wow .. Lucky Charms Cereal is selling $10.90 @ my supermarket …..

Beth Clyde says:

The red, orange and yellow bell peppers would be great for stuffed peppers.

Ivana Chuljak-Cribb says:

Love your hauls… what do you do for a living other than youtube ?

Leila's Lovely Life says:

What site do you use to print out your coupons? I'm sorry if you've already mentioned it and I missed it. I use but I'm wondering if there are any more out there? Groceries are getting so expensive I really need to start seriously couponing.

Hana Banana says:

Peppers and veggies are so expensive in America in erbil you get one kilogram of pepper for a dollar 😢

grumpy1578 says:

I hope you see this!! I have seen several of your videos where you have referenced your crock pot fajitas. Do you have a recipe/instruction video I am missing???

Scifi 1701 says:

Shaylee is too cute with her babies

Tam Tam says:

That little girl is so precious…love her heart she loves her babies 🙂 TFS p.s. I love ur videos

Nancy Anne Ramirez says:

I always love Shaylee and her babies. She's so sweet…and such a great mom. xoxo

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