Coupon Inserts? Where Do I Get Mine? Video #98753368 lol (2019)

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New PO Box Info!!!
Write Me:
Toni Parrish
PO Box 5331
Kingwood, Texas 77325


Check to locate other coupons.
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Toopie’s Channel:

What Camera’s Do I Film With?
Canon 60D
Canon T3
Canon Powershot Elph 180
iPhone 7plus

***I edit in Movie Maker. I don’t own a MAC. I use Windows 10

Music: ●Soundcloud –

Want to email me???

For Business Inquiries (Only) Email:

Where to get coupons?

New To Couponing? Start Here:

Stores I shop at: CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Kroger, HEB, Walmart, Randalls (Safeway), Dollar Tree. I don’t have Rite Aid.

What Is My Channel About/Channel Information

What Insert is that coupon in? Coupon Data Base:
(search which inserts coupons are in)

SnapChat: ToniCoupons

How To Start Couponing
How To Pay W/ PayPal-Dollar General:
I Don’t Coupon With My Own Money/Rebate Apps:
How To Check CVS Deals Online:
How To Print from
Helpful Walgreens Tips Q/A:
What Kind of Printer Do I use?
CVS Lingo & Couponing Terms
How I Organize My Binder
Trading/Sharing Coupons with Toni
How To Pay with Paypal?

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Elizabeth McGlown says:

Yes y'all we mail to all of the US 😊 there are questions that are required to join the group. If you don't want to fill out all the questions (3) just put "referred by Toni" in the first question please 😁 those who don't answer any of the questions, admin will deny

ana* says:

Thank you for everything you do toni.. I'm sorry it's maybe to much to ask but would you or anyone here know anything about an IP fairy.. please and thank you toni❤❤❤❤❤

Sierra sunshine says:

I'm from Houston too!! 😀😀

Lashawn Johnson says:

Thank You For Everything

Kimberly Edwards says:

Thank you⚘

Blue Beauty says:

I get a lot of coupon inserts and I throw them away I don't know how to use them to get the deals I see out couponers do

Prairiepickingirls says:

I do get mine local too… I live in KC Metro so I can pick mine up too… Our streets are ice covered and ours will be delivered late..

Deb Cole says:

woot Texas girls!!! im on lake Conroe

Hajar Baraa says:

The group is closed, it doesn’t come out ☹️😔

Anita Westmoreland says:

Thanks for the info.

flynabster2 says:

Nice to be able to have someone local….I have mine mailed, perhaps I should look for someone locally….tfs

Msmakeupbeauty00 says:

i havent been accepted yet i think i requested it like 2 weeks ago :/

Laura Yim says:

Thank you, Toni!

Shauna Haile says:

Bi-Polar weather? Us too. In Missouri, 2 days ago was 60 degrees, yesterday tornado warnings and today 17 degrees and snow. WHAT!!!!

Thanks Toni for all you do!!!!!!

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