Coupon News: Printing Updates…Effective 3/15/2017! ➪ Savvy Coupon Shopper

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Check out the details on these updates here:

I will keep you posted on any other coupon updates!


Shannon Slade says:

printing limited to 2 prints per phone number – how often do we need to wait before we can print more coupons?

Alexis Gawaran says:

Ok that makes sense. But i realized that i can only print one coupon on my device 😣

Lisa Feeley says:

I registered my computer with my cell phone number a while a go. I have had no issues. I do have a question to anyone who prints under the phone number. it no longer prints automatically when you say print. a pop up print screen comes up. you can adjust the number of pages printed. has anyone tried it?? just wondering. we all want to make sure we are doing the right thing.

Olga A says:

Ty for sharing

jenifer wendt says:

thx for the update

CleanCutCouponing says:

Excellent video! I just watched Running Kimono's video. I subscribed, also! 🙂

Lisa DeLeon says:

I am having the same problem it not recognizing my phone number and they said that they can not do nothing about it

siszam says:

I share a phone with my husband so that will cut down on the coupons I get. He also had a hard time getting coupons to print or only got one coupon. Uggg. This is awful.

PrettyThingsRock says:

I've already had to go through that. It will make it difficult for people to print in multiple computers.Thanks for sharing – xoxo Emmie

Kyra B says:

Thanks for sharing. I sorta a downer as soon as I really decide to get into couponing there is all these policy changes. 😣

Per William's says:

thanks much

mus14 k says:

I've been limited to printing 2 per phone number since like a year ago when I first started printing at all… I used to wonder why people kept talking about printing 2 per device… Turns out, not everyone had the same limitation.

Debra McLaughlin says:

I just printed three coupons and had no problems it did not ask me to do anything.

lexi lexi says:

I just started couponing again a few days ago and they asked me for that and I was like 🤔 lol

Robin Rodriguez says:

I have done the phone number authentication and I'm still printing 2 per device. It makes it easier to print from my work computer that won't let me download software

Ava Ha says:

Can we use multiple of the same coupon if it says " limit one coupon per consumer?"

Diana Klenk says:

Just wanted to let you all know it asked me yesterday to update my phone number, and it worked right away…Really was after the $4 Revlon!!

Jess Elizondo says:

Appreciate the information. Thanks a million. 👍

Running Kimono says:

this video makes me wanna cry. I have been dealing with the phone number and super strict rules….. thank those IP fairies who made $3 from selling coupons… now we all have to deal with these rules and most of the time we get our devices hung up…. were the phone numbers or accounts cannot get authorized ;;;;(

gmgpulliam says:

thanks for the info

Amy Stotts says:

I don't know if anyone else has experienced lately, but when I choose 6 coupons for example, only two or three of them will print. But when I go back, my print limit has been reached.

Nonnie DeterminedToCoupon says:

The IP fairies are all part of '' and will have a work around, trust me. Just like those who are able to mail endless inserts AND from different regions. 'They' will be making more money while we will have less ~FREE~ coupons. It always boils down to money. Will we have to give our numbers EVERY time we want to print a coupon and does this limit us to 2 coupons per phone number or only 1? ~FREE~ money? When it seems too good to be true… once again, it is.

Priscilla Trujillo says:

Its Horrible, The Software will not Recognize my Phone Number and will not let me print my Coupons, I Emailed the Company and they said sorry there's nothing they can Do!!!! 👎👎

Lisa J says:

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Kimberly Hart says:

Thank you for sharing, love your videos and website 💞

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

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