Coupon Organization File Box System–No More Binder!

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After touting the coupon binder for years, Joanie and Heather show you their new, stream-lined organization system that takes only minutes per week!


Kim McGrantham says:

I always write on the front page.. of course the date of the newspaper, but I'll flip thru real quick and also write down the date of the coupon the expires last… easier to throw away later

Venessa Talbert says:

I started this couponing method and it's great.

Suzanne Dickerson says:

I sort my accordion folder according to the months of the year. I drop a coupon into the pocket of the month that the coupon expires. Simple and time saving.

forbidnlover says:

This is a great idea, but when you're like me and don't have someone to tell me what week a coupon came from, it works better to clip the coupons and put them in my according organizer by department. I use a rubber maid style shoe box with a self made accordion divider. I save all coupons for things we use, no matter what brand. Then I can look through the ad and see if there's a coupon for the items in that department. This would never work for me. I'd be looking through full ads all the time to see if this coupon or that is in it. We only have Hy-Vee, Walmart, Shopko & a skimpy Dollar Tree to choose shopping at.

Repti Crew says:

The binder did not work for me, I was anti coupon for 3 yrs! But I'm liking this idea.

Inanna08 says:

Do not throw coupons away!!!!! Send them to a USO office for our troops abroad. They are entitled to use coupons that have expired in the last 6 months.

Denise Benkovich says:

I am trying to get better at using coupons. I like the file box method. Have you thought about filing acording to expiration month? It seems like it would be a good method. At least in my head when I think about it??? Then you are only having to go thought at the end of the month and toss that months out. What do you think?

KingOfBeatdown says:

Stop killing trees. Go paperless for your bills.

Girlie Ajala says:

I recently started using jenn's coupon box organizer and so far I like it!

BrannRay says:

I've been using a binder since I started, which has actually only been about a month ago lol… But, I love my binder. I may, however, clip out the coupons from one paper, and store away the other into a file box for future reference. I actually need to get a bigger binder than I have now. The small one I got, which is just a 1" 3 ring binder just isn't working for me anymore. I also need to get more baseball card holders that I keep the coupons in. Too bad there aren't coupons for all the things we need to help stay organized with our coupons! LOL!

Jenna Edwards says:

I file mine in egg crates in a hanging folder with the date also, but I separate them out by source (SS, RP, PG, etc.) due to some weeks have either 2 RP or 2 SS. I print a weekly breakdown of the coupons listed alphabetically from another website ( and checkoff what is acutually in them to make sure that the amount or date is not different than the printout. I then put the weekly printouts into a binder and go thru it if I am looking for a particular coupon. On that website you can arrange your list in various ways. This is also how I clean out my expired ones, by sorting the columns by exp date, then about every 4 to 8 weeks, I throw out those inserts.

I love seeing all the different ideas that people use and by combining different methods together, you can create whatever works best for you.

YT4Me57 says:

Neither the binder, nor this system would work for me. I'm single, no kids and don't use a lot of the products in these inserts. I take the time to clip only the coupons for products that I use-everything else goes in the trash. Then I place the coupons in a pocket-sized photo album which I've set up with repositionable tabs and stick on pockets (to hold my store cards). A rubber band holds the book together and the entire thing fits neatly into my purse. I save money by planning what I am going to purchase, and not buying items I never use anyway.

Chelsea Torres says:

The only thing that I don't like about this is what about when you find an unadvertised sale or clearance items? How hard is that going to be to see if I have a coupon for that? How much extra time am I going to spend searching?

Starshima Placide says:

where do I get the coupon file box from?

Lu's Northern Home says:

You can send your coupons that have expired to military bases and they can use them.

Jennifer Carrie Peterson says:

I love this. I would also use a smaller one (purse size) for all those loose coupons. Is there an app out there were you can find a specific coupon and it will tell you which insert to find it? I would hate to miss out on all the clearance items.

HappyHomeHappyWife says:

I have a question? With this new system what do you do with say Target coupons…reserve a spot in the back of the file folder just like the printables? Also. I mainly shop at Krogers , Target , and Meijers and on occasion maybe CVS or Walgreens. My question on this one is again were do you file the "store" coupons" as some are sent to me by mail?

Anonymous says:

I have been using this system since September, and I LOVE IT.  Keeping up with the binder was taking so much time, it was basically a part-time job.  I may not get every single deal this way (for example, clearance items or when I need to buy something that isn't listed on the store match-up), but I get more than enough to keep my shopping bills down and have my Sundays back to spend with my family.  For me, this was a good compromise.

One question for those who use this system — how do you organize loose coupons?  For example, coupons that you clipped but didn't use, or catalinas, or coupons that come in the mail, or coupons that you've printed to hold on to for a sale?  I've tried sticking them in my now mostly empty binder, but then I forget about them.

ladynottingham89 says:

I remember watching extreme couponing and one lady said she spent 7+ hours preparing her coupons. I thought she was crazy, even if I was a housewife there would be other things I'd rather be doing.

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