Coupon Organization

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Watch as I describe my new and trending way of organizing coupons. You can use the coupon binder like many other couponers do or you can keep whole inserts, but I have an organization method that I think you’ll love!

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Maria Vicinaiz says:

Thanks for the video! I think I will try this method. Thanks again.

Anita Vaughn says:

I like the little photo album idea. It's small. I could use a pocket for each store.

YEGA5 says:

Stacy, whre did you get the blue purse? It looks big enough for coupons and pretty. Please let me know. Thanks

LaurelBelle W says:

Hello, new subbie. I attempted to find TSU, but it looks like it was shut down.

Marsha Carrillo says:

i like the idea of mini albums , can you do an updated video of how you do things today in 2016


Hey! I love your black purse…do you have the name of it so that I may research to find one. Thank you for such an awesome video…I was just wondering how I can store my IP Q's. I'm about to go to Dollar Tree now for the photo albums!

Lisa Coleman says:

Love this! Thanks for the idea that's what I am doing now

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