Coupon Queen, Susan Samtur FOX 5 Atlanta

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Coupon Queen, Susan Samtur shops for FOX 5 in Atlanta


rochelle123ist says:

I wonder if those high value coupons are counterfeit!

Susan Shear says:

There is nobody better than Susan SampteršŸ˜Š

lolalucy14 says:

@lcbchefgirl her overage paid for her taxes

nadiacaceres says:

Is an he so it can't be that old

lolalucy14 says:

@lcbchefgirl She made profit on alot of stuff to do that

atlmuzikfanzinc says:

I wish we had a publix in Illinois.

Harnish1102 says:

I wish I had a publix around.. they take overage!

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