Coupon Redemption Automated with Cognizant couponSERV

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Close Technology is expanding at a rapid pace. And that’s affecting all sectors of the world and society. Shopping is just one example. At Cognizant, we’ve harnessed technology to create Intellistore, the future of shopping. Intellistore gives consumers better ways to shop and save money by leveraging the power of the Internet to gain an edge.

Digital coupons are on the rise and will only gain in popularity. That’s why Inellistore makes couponing via smartphones and tables quick and easy via the cloud. It also lets consumers pay via paper, digital, and mobile solutions without changing customer habits or changing store operations.

Cognizant couponSERV ACR (Automated Coupon Redemption) helps retailers significantly improve cash flow, improve shopper experience, and drive loyalty by integrating online, mobile, and in-store shopping.


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