Coupon Story: Cashier at Target on Self Checkout Lane

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The Nerve of her….10/1/16

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D Riley says:

Girl, Thats targets favorite line "you cant use anymore coupons." I hate going there, seems like the employees are snotty and dont wanna help.

M P says:

Target is so full of crap. Last week I was told that Im not allowed to combine a manufacture coupon with the target category coupons because that was considered double dipping. Never ever had I heard of such a rule. Target has decided to give its employees total discretion when it comes to coupons which means they are allowed to come up with their own rules. The real thiefs in my opinion are the target employees who allow their friends and family to clear the shelves. πŸ‘Ž

Lori's Lifestyle says:

Just today I printed all the coupon policies for the stores I frequent the most and they are laminated and in the front of my binder. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Stacie Lessard says:

I am a new cashier and I don't get why these managers/cashiers don't know their own coupon policies. good for you standing your ground. coupons are there to be used!

Daina Moran says:

thumbs up on that deal have a blessed day

myownIDENTITY says:

Lol, good for you Ms. Rose! You had to train her, haha. I'll be gald when these cashiers & managers learn how to read.😊 Oh I tell ya the stories us couponers could tell…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

sandraand6690 says:

I just returned home as well from target 🎯 and the Gillette shaving cream wasn't 1.97 at my target 🎯 it was 2.19 for some reason. I did purchase the tide pods and the tidy cat 🐱 litter and the Sheba deal buy 5 get 5 free but I purchased 12 because they were buy 12 for 7.69 or something like that.

TnCouponer says:

good video.. this is why it pays to know your stores policy & prove it to them.. have a great weekend..

Nicole Smith says:

Love this, I am glad you got the job done. I'm tired of them making up stuff, because they are too lazy to fix the problem.

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