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Bottomf says:


ny5280 says:

Coupon Suzy! "Suck my fucking fat cock"

eddie reyes says:

i would wreck coupon suzy

skibum7986 says:

she has such a sexy short haircut !!!

AAErikCO says:

'Dems some TIG OL' BITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

British1500 says:

She does the short hair right, and she has some amazing curves. She can intrude into my kitchen anytime.

DotComEditor says:

Shannon Moore (Coupon Suzy) has one of the most annoying voices in the history of humankind.

elc1960 says:

I just found out Coupon Suzy's real name is Shannon Moore (not to be confused with the former WWE/TNA wrestler of the same name).

elc1960 says:

In the words of the zen philosopher Glen Quagmire: "Giggity giggity giggity . . . GOO!"

puldrection says:

C( o )up( o )n Suzy has nice big 'uns. Wish her hair was longer and she was longer and she was wearing black strappy heels!!! She'd be a knockout!!!

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