Coupon Suzy on Elm Street

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Parody commercial for


Redbeard NC says:

Ha! This is awesome. I love the inflections. "coupohsuzydatcam"

Steven DuVall says:

This is me at my high pressure sales job! I'm Coupon Suzy!

idiots1958 says:

I dont care, Susy is frickin hot…

Chris Barnes says:

funny except the last 10 seconds

Annette V says:

Omg hilarious

gptvproductions says:

Awesome. Good Coupon Suzy imitation.

WaitingtoHit says:

This is perfect.

Uchiha Madara says:

Dont screw with the suze 😀

ripcord1022 says:

They need to make an X rated parody.

SmokinSkull says:

dis is bullshit where are the tits?

Andrew Leibs says:

This is great! I would have had Coupon Suzy turn out to be a robot, though, a sort of home goods Terminator. Still, the acting is very good.

Nomoreidsleft says:

Still this vampire parody Suzy is less annoying than the real one.

malong21 says:


Sophie Phillips says:

I am laughing so hard I'm crying, you are hilarious!!

chris dietz says:

you'll be like those people on extreme couponing he he he he

British1500 says:

Anyone notice the official YT vids for CouponSuzy have the comments disabled? I can see why. 🙂

Thomistica says:

Too funny. She nailed Suzy's accent.

RunaroundStar says:

@cyclonus69 Just saw the commercial, Coupon Suzy has a big chest lol

Tim Dadabo, Voice Actor says:

OK, I LOLed my ass off. You're just brilliant girlfriend.

Darrell Hanley says:

I always got the impression that Coupon Suzy was some kind of serial killer. She's got a suspiciously bubbly personality combined with a high pitched near monotone voice.

downthestreetteam says:

the sad thing about the coupon suzy commercials is the fact that they use a real person. not a cartoon or anything… this is that woman's actual job.

Noah Riggen says:

And what about fresh flowers for your home?
Those arent fresh!!!

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