Coupon System EXPLAINED! | [Daily Jobs NX] | How To Use Coupons On Combat Arms?!

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Hey Guys,
Thank you for being patient with me and still being subscribed to me.
My goal for this channel is to get 1000 subscribers, and with your help I think I can make it to that far. 🙂
I love all my subscribers, Here is a hug for you all. (3


Samuel Vittini says:

Nice video my ign : lXlSamuellXl. ( banned)

aFlyingLlama says:

I used a coupon to buy a perm item. But there was still like half the coupon money left. Does it go to waste? And can a coupon be only used on 1 item?

Laughing Gore says:

Oh we get Coupons from Jobs ah interesting never knew 😮

qZ_ Sinqh says:

In Eu Nothing…. Pff!!

ChaosTicket says:

The NX coupons do expire after about 24hours. I found that out the hard way last weekend when I saved my coupons to buy something big and then they all expired each day.

TheBabucco says:

Thanks bae :* helped alot.

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