Couponing at Kroger

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Couponing at Kroger
Kroger is a great place to shop using coupons. They have lots of store coupons and many locations double coupons – plus they have great sales!

Coupons accepted by Kroger
Manufacturer Newspaper Coupons: The amount saved cannot exceed the cost of the item.
Printable Coupons: Kroger accepts printable coupons. Buy one get one free coupons will be honored as long as the purchase requirements are met. Coupons for Free product with no purchase requirement will not be accepted.

Double Coupon Policy: Manufacturer coupons valued $0.50 or less will be doubled at many locations. Coupons $.50 to $1.00 will be redeemed for $1.00. Coupons over $1.00 will be redeemed at face value. Double coupons do not apply to free item, Kroger, Catalina, or electronic coupons added to your Kroger Plus card.

eCoupons: Kroger has eCoupons available on their website You cannot stack an ecoupon with other coupons.

Catalina Coupons

Tips for shopping at Kroger

BOGO Sales: Kroger stores allow you to use two coupons on a store BOGO promo since you are purchasing two items. Yay!

Double Coupons: you can double manufacturer coupons up to $0.50 at many locations, see your local store for specifics and limitations.

Kroger Plus Rewards Card: Kroger has a Plus rewards Card and for every $100 you spend at Kroger using your store loyalty card you will receive a deduction of $0.10 on fuel the next time you fill-up at a participating fuel center. Sign up for the Kroger Plus Rewards Card at the customer service desk!

Coupon Policy: Remember that Kroger policy will vary from region to region, be sure to print up your region’s coupon policy and keep it with you while you shop!

Kroger Weekly Match-ups – Save time while you save money by checking the GCN blog for great deals and coupon match-ups.


Olga Lopez says:

Thanks for the tips Olga. I'm still learning : ) btw that's my name too.

Victoria Jennings says:

our coupons dont double at piqua ohio krogers

jessica kiefer says:

Thank you…..I got several things free at Walgreens thanks to this website and the videos….they are VERY knowledgeable and helpful….BUT, I wish they had more information for my state….However, I understand it's a big world out there and I'm sure they are very busy…..So, you will have to do your own work ladies….I think that is the overall point…..If you search and use their tips, you can save too!  Don't expect a magic, here's what to do, step by step book….It isn't out there….LOL  Just take the tips given and start simple…..Good luck!!!  I got ten spray bottles of axe deodorant for a ten dollar credit!!!!!…..I'm thrilled! 

Grocery Coupon Network says:

Hi! You need one coupon per item(s) listed on the coupon. If the coupon states good for $1 off 1 item, you will need a separate coupon for each item you wish to purchase. If it says $1 of 2 items, you must purchase two items for the coupon to be deducted, etc.

Kreamo334 says:

And, for example. If i have a coupon for a 1.00 off of an item and I want say….5 of that item does that one coupon I have work for just one item or all 5?

Kreamo334 says:

I have just started to coupon and I have a few questions. How do I know how much of one item I can get with the coupon?

kywog says:

Very good information, I actually knew this stuff from finding out myself but for someone who did not know very helpful! Thank you!

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