Couponing at Walmart in Ontario-Who said you cant coupon in Canada?

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Hello, and welcome to our page. This is where we will post our Hauls, showing everyone what we purchased, which coupons we used, how much retail after taxes and Price Matching and how much after Coupons!

This Haul Includes the Following-
5 X Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations-$3.97 Each-5 X FPC from Facebook Promo
2X Allens Juice-$2.77-2 X FPC from inside Allens Labels
13X Orville Redenbacher Popcorn-$2.99(after Price matching)-$2.00 Peelie on Box X 12*****Noticed when I got home she scanned one popcorn twice, so paid full price for one 🙁
Juicy Gels X 4-.88(in store sale)-$5.00 Voucher from Snack Pack
Hunts Pudding-2X .88(in store sale)-$5.00 Voucher from Snack Pack(same one used for juicy gels)
Mini Marshmellows-$1.77(no coupon, purchased for my 3 year old)
2X 2 Packs of Marc Angelo Steaks-.99(Price Matched)-$1.00 coupon X 2
5X Q10 Anti Wrinkle Hand Cream-$5.37-$5.00 from Websaver X 5
2 X Small Child’s Shampoo(Reg $2, clearance for .50) NO COUPONS
7 X Yellow Mustards-$1.00 Each-.75 Insert Coupon X 7
6X Colgate total Advanced Health Toothpaste-$1.00-$1.00 insert x 6

Total before coupons- $118.92
Total After Coupons-$25.92
Total After Promo Giftcard-$.92


Any questions please feel free to ask 😉


OttawaCanadian says:

Walmart does not like printable coupons and has even refused me some coupons.
This was the South Keys Ottawa store.

I don't use most of the brands or items you got, so Walmart is not as good for me for couponing.
But you can SCOP at Walmart!

Mindy Leveille says:

That comment is directed to the hundreds of people I come in contact with every month who say "I never thought that was possible in Canada"! Coupons have been around for decades yes, but most of the Canadian Public do not think it is possible to achieve such a goal!

GhostsOfDecember says:

No one said "you can't coupon in Canada". People have couponed in Canada for decades…

Mindy Leveille says:

Sorry about the blurriness! Can not find my camera, so had to use my laptop webcame!

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