Couponing at Walmart

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Walmart is a great one stop shop, but if you don’t know all the many ways to stretch you dollar at Walmart, you’re missing out! Although Walmart doesn’t follow a normal sale ad like most stores do, there are still plenty of ways to save. Take a look at the tips below to find some new ways to save!

Walmart Tips:

Manufacturer Coupons – Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons from the Sunday coupon inserts, printable manufacturer coupons, blinkies, peelies — you name it. But they must state “manufacturer’s coupon” across the top, have an expiration date, and a scannable bar code. One exception — Walmart will not accept printable manufacturer coupons for free items that require no purchase.

Competitor Coupons – Walmart does accept some competitor’s coupons. Walmart will accept a competitor’s store coupon that specifies the price for a specific item. Percent off coupons and coupons for dollars/cents off will not be accepted. Coupon must be valid (not expired). Note: You cannot stack a competitor’s coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon — it’s one or the other.

Catalina Coupons — Walmart will accept Catalina coupons, but they must be for a specific item at a specific price. Percent off, dollar/cent off and amount of an entire purchase coupons will not be accepted.

Rollback — Look for rollbacks at Walmart! Rollbacks are Walmart’s version of a sale — stack a Rollback price with a coupon for great savings!

Overage — Walmart is one of the few stores whose policy it is to give the customer overage (cash back or applied to the basket purchase) if the value of the coupon exceeds the item’s price. This is often referred to as a “MoneyMaker” or “MM” on couponing blogs.

Ad Match – Walmart will match a current competitor’s ad price right at the register. Although you are not required to bring the competitors ad with you, I always do — it does make things easier. Be sure to tell the cashier that you will be price matching an item before the item is rung up and let the them know what store you are price matching and the price. Price matches are honored on items that are listed in a competitors ad for a specific item, price and size. Percent off pricing will not be honored, as well as any kind of special sales such as “Spend $30, get $5 off your bill”. BOGO sale pricing will only be honored if the price of the item is listed. For example — Buy One at $4.99, Get One Free would be honored. Buy One, get One 50% off would not be honored.

Get familiar with the Walmart Coupon Policy — Every store has their own coupon policy, and it’s in your best interest to know how the Walmart Coupon Policy and Ad Match policies work. The more familiar you are with their policies, the more confident you will be at the check out. Best bet? Print out the Walmart Coupon Policy andWalmart Ad Match Policy and keep them with you when you shop.

Ibotta App — The Ibotta app is a fun and easy way to earn real money just for buying your favorite products and you can use Ibotta at Walmart. Best part is that you can use a manufacturer coupon and Ibotta to really rack in the savings!

GCN Blog — Let us do the couponing detective work! We are always checking for the latest deals and rollbacks at Walmart and we post them on our Walmart blog. Check back daily to see what’s new, and always take a look before you head off to Walmart, you never know when the next great deal will pop up!

Last but not least, if you’re new to couponing at Walmart, start small and don’t get overwhelmed! Remember, every coupon you use and every deal you match is money in your pocket!

For more general couponing info such as where to find coupons, coupon lingo, videos on how to get started and more, head over to our Beginner Couponing Page.


BirdOfParadise777 says:

Is this information applicable now? Walmart has a price matching app now.

Michael Russello says:

PS- and they have also been coupons that say use at Walmart specifically

Michael Russello says:

I have tried many times at different walmart locations to use internet coupons, usually from Grocery Coupon Network and they never scan there so they won't accept them

Matt Zoller says:

walmart in vernal ut sucks

Anita Hicks says:

In our town we only have these stores CVS,Dollar General,Dollar tree,Bi-lo stores/food stores. Our Walmart will not match Dollar General or Dollar tree.They will match CVS,BI-LO. We do no live in a big city.They say they will add match Kmart,Target,Wallgreens etc.Why not Dollar General.

Grocery Coupon Network says:

Hello! You cannot stack insert coupons with printable coupons on the same item. You may use them both in the same transaction, but since they are both manufacturer coupons, each one must be on a different item. You CAN stack your manufacturer coupons with store coupons from OTHER stores, though! This means, if you price match, combine manufactuer and other store coupons you can get amazing deals!

marife stone says:

can i put my inserts and printed coupons together?

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