Couponing for Beginners

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My tips on how to organize your coupons and get the most for your money


Justbeingme says:

I love the makeup bag idea.

tn jamilla says:

hi what do you do with all of the food, surely you and your family wont eat all of it? by any chance do you do hold like a charity cookup to help the less fortunate ??

Rezena Enendu says:

thank you so much for this video. I've been to other websites and I know I've said sometimes that they helped me a lot. This so far has been one of the better explanations of how to coupon and I really appreciate it because I'm having a really really hard time in grasping the concept of how to do this. I only have one question on you mentioned coupons booklet or something how and where can I get them or do I get them?. I live in New Jersey. my last question other than this video do you have any more about on how to coupon?

Kay Souvannakily says:

great ideas

Eylat Poliner says:

I like your system. Off topic – Where do I get printer ink for cheap?

Southern Firefly says:

love this!! I have a binder but it is so big!!! this is prefect to carry in & even keep in my purse 24/7 🙂 thanks for sharing

girl's will be girls says:

can u use more then one coupon for 1 item or is it 1 per item. . and how do u no how many transaction to do.. I'm so confused. . ps.. I like ur system. . it looks and sounds super easy.. thanks

Krystina Arthur says:

great video thank you

Stab_Agar says:

Here's a great way to get coupons plus earn a couple bucks passively.  Enjoy!  (Be sure to use my link so I can get referral points, Thanks!)

Melena Rod says:

Great for a city coupon Mom like myself!  portable!  Going to use my Vera Bradley makeup bag!

Melena Rod says:

Need to get organized Thanks!

Stacy Serrano says:


Selena Kowitz says:

I would like to start couponing were to start n understand it works

Gabriela Gonzalez says:

I <3 your system……proud 2 announce that I copy it 😉 tks 4 sharing

Audrey Meyer says:

I'm very interested in this system of couponing. I got off track for awhile and I use the binder system. I honestly just want to buy what I need and use mostly and try to get it almost free. I think money makers are awesome and I did that twice with the toothpaste and made 27 dollars or so. But I'm not trying to go extreme and do big stock piles. If maybe you could make another quick video about your system, but in more detail show the inside of your coupon bag. Please and thank you

Sarah Kimble says:

I am  a couponer.  I am looking for  a place to donate coupons to people on military base  I found one so if any one wants coupons, I got them

terri sivert says:

this is a great video i like your ideas of organizing !! 

Keith Lewis says:

cool i  like

Nancy Lao says:

so what if I get coupons from Wincofoods store can I go to Wal-mart and use it over there or is that a big no no?

Aisha M says:

Most of them say "one coupon per purchase." Per purchase just means per item. I've never seen one that says "one coupon per person per transaction." Sometimes you'll come across those that say "one coupon per purchase and four like coupons per transaction." A like coupon just means the same exact coupon. For example, if you have four $1 off CoverGirl coupons from the same newspaper (you bought 4 newspapers), those are "like coupons."

Aisha M says:

You can't write on them? I've been writing (for example) ss 9/29 and my initials so if I have a problem and have to redo or whatever, they can easily identify them. If we're not supposed to write on them, though, I'll stop. Please let me know!

BurnBright921 says:

This was the first couponing video that actually made me feel ready to start and not super intimidated. Thanks!

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