Couponing Tips For Beginner’s

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Make It A Place Of Peace says:

Thank You,
I will be couponing ery soon

cute butterfly says:

Some of the website you can not catch everything you are saying. I will try this out. Did not know a lot about the coupons and you have helped me understand

Shannon Copeland says:

Absolutely loved your video. It was very informative and helpful.

gospeldva says:

Is this real. Living in nyc is unrealistic. Please give me a list of clippings services

Cynthia Clay says:

I can't get to your blog. Can you please check to see if the web address is correct. Really want to start saving money and have tons of coupons to get ststarted.

tammy robinson says:

Thank you Denise, great video, I am starting to use coupons.

Muneeba Waqas says:

For UK vouchers and deals check this out.

Anahis Alexia says:

I don't get the newspaper to my house what can I do? How can I request to get the newspaper

Stephanie Carabello says:

You helped me a great deal

ThatQueerKid says:

Thank you for this! You cleared up so many of my questions in this one video, I love it!

Ice Angela says:

Thank you!!!

M. Le says:

Coupons from Sunday newspaper…

eva wall-e says:

So you said I can use 2 coupons for an item, for example, 2 for 5$ and let's say I don't have a coupon for that specific item…. How do I get a coupon that will be accepted to be used towards that item? thank you.

xoAngelicaF says:

I want to coupon so bad but I’m afraid if just mess it all up

Delora B. says:

Are you still couponing? can we see more videos on couponing? I would like you to mentor me I'm 2 hours away from you

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