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Just wanted to share with you some of the coupons I printed this weekend.


Only-In-My-Dreams * says:

I need a printer so bad lol.

AsToldBy Tina says:

I forgot about printable coupons. Used to love using them.

Folaurasha Jerry says:

great vid..tfs

Philip Gipson says:

This is perfect.

It'sTricia'sLife says:

I use, but my grocer only allows me to use two of them per shopping trip.  what a rip off.  I didn't know about redplum.  I will have to check them out along pg everyday.  have a good day sweetie.  thumbs up

Creativeflaviagro says:

Thank u for sharing I like thumbs up dear I like

Carol Johnson says:

Great coupons!!Yep every little bit helps tfs💚💚💚💚


Awesome stuff! ❤

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