Coupons – Mail or Online?

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Mail Vs. Online Coupons – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Online coupons can be great because you can just print the ones you want, cut them out, and you can instantly redeem them. The problem I find with internet coupons is a lot of stores do not want to accept them because they fear that they are fake and if they are a fraudulent coupon, it means the store will not be reimbursed. That means a lot of stores no longer accept coupons for any sort of free item or a buy one, get one and many restrict the value of the coupon. If it is above $5.00 that you printed online, they may not accept it.

Whereas the mail coupon or the ones in your inserts or your magazines, those are widely accepted just about anywhere so, if you had the free coupon that you happen to find in the Sunday newspaper, your store will accept it without any problem. A little known secret, when you go to print some of the coupons online, if you scroll down, there is sometimes a help button. If you click that button, you can actually request the coupon be mailed to you instead of you having to print it at home. That can help you when it is that buy one, get one free. Maybe your store will accept it if it comes on letterhead from the manufacturer rather than you printing it on your own paper.


more than a conqueror says:

Man thank you so much I've been searching for a way to get coupons mailed to me cause my printer sucks

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