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We are trying to get everyone pipe coupons we know it’s really expensive to buy bevel machines (1,000) to get bottles and a piece of pipe to cut coupons out of. Me and jed found them for 38.00 each plus 41.00 shipping!! CRAZY!! We are going to sell ours for 25.00 plus shipping. Hoping this helps everyone out. Let us know what you think. Be Blessed


Stephen La France says:

Much respect I'm doing some practicing to take my ua tests I figure after 13 years doing the welding thing would be awesome to see some 6g vid on 6",2" the 2" stainless is where I have trouble lol

Chris Kerr says:

Are yall still doing this?

Hardstyle818 says:

Got a 20 foot stick of 6" sch 40. Would love to help you guys out. If I can help out/donate for the cause I'm down. Keep up the badass videos you guys. You guys are EPIC!

Cody Trimm says:

Man, you guys are just straight up some of "THE COOLEST" (best Billy Madison voice) dudes out there. Seriously though Thanks for the videos, the help, and tips! Looking forward to more

Callow Picasso says:

how do I buy some?

Mick Single says:

Great to see you helping people out ,

RRTr0jan says:

Damn Jacob, you are the best!

bp626indamix1 says:

you need to create an Instagram account. lots of welding knowledge on there. And lots of people hungry for that knowledge as well.

robert sullivant says:

Just paid for 2 sets. They are a great deal, and the customer service was excellent. Sure I will buy more. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

AnthonyLA 310 says:

I believe it them are machined test coupons.

Eddie Newby says:

You don't have to worry about that if you go union. They buy beveling machines granite wheels anything you need and they usually stick a join up for the helpers to practice on

Howard Sparks3 says:

OK my friend

Howard Sparks3 says:

good morning my friend I need to talk to you one on one

William Becker says:

This is an amazing way to help out your viewers Mr. Schofield!

RevEclipse says:

getting into pipe almost out of high school is going to be a challenge! Gonna need to start saving now. You have no idea how much your videos help guys like us.

bould_weldin says:

Nice job you guys keep up the motivation great idea

Jake Monreal says:

local 100 so we dont have to pay,

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