Crafter's Guide to Joann Fabric & Crafts – 14 Products for the Non-Fabric Crafter!

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As a paper crafter, I used to be intimidated by Joann Fabrics & Crafts. But, it turns out that there is a TON of product that is great for all kinds of crafters. In this video, I am sharing my favorite products to check out at Joann Fabrics & Crafts.

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Belinda Brock says:

Our joanns closet to me ( 1 hour away) use to be the place to go. Now it seems not much for crafters. I don't know why, I went two weeks ago and was out of the store in10 minutes so sad.

Keela Fox says:

I can't believe how HUGE that Joann's is! Mine is so tiny and I live in a twin city (you'd think we would get a bigger one). Seeing this store makes me want to travel to the bigger cities close to me! Thanks for sharing!!!

Ellen Hofer says:

My Joann's is nothing like this!

Your store looks like a smash up of JoAnn's, Michael's & Hobby Lobby (home dec stuff).
My JoAnn's will be moving into a much larger store soon, so hoping to aee improvements.

Marie Rhodes says:

Joann’s open card stock is the best for card base…. bazzill

Bella Anne says:


Ang B says:

Thank you for the video! When I go in to our Joanns I go for something specific. I usually don't look around because of all the fabric. I will now! i need me one of those giant letters! 🙂

Pamela Johnson says:

Hi Scrappy I'm new to your ch.Welcome

Margie Normandia says:

My JoAnn's is much smaller than this one!!

Becky Reed says:

Really good camerawork. Kudos 🙂

The Scarlet Owls says:

This is great! shopping vicariously, ahh! i actually went a couple days ago and discovered that they do NOT carry any more ink pads except the distress oxides!!??? They’ve redone their aisles and changed some things at my store! I’m not so sure i like some of their changes

bookwormwoman barb says:

I've been stuck in the house for a month with covid. So it was so much fun to "shop" vicariously through you! Thank you so much

Mary Ford says:

Like all the products you shared. Question — Joann's is pushing their "sustainable" journal books, but also increasing the number of rows dedicated to Cricut materials (not sure any of the "waste" [backing sheets, infusible ink sheets, etc.] are recyclable) — seems contradictory. Think most things are over-priced!

Lynne Clark says:

My Joann’s doesn’t carry paper. But, I ordered a bunch when it was on sale recently. With Covid, they’re having cheap shipping. There are some beautiful papers. I got some Parklane and some DCWV.

Diane Hunter says:

I agree with you about Michael’s. Almost Nothing but recollections for paper crafting. I have found somethings at joAnn’s and I appreciate the coupons. I like some of their name brand stamps and dies. Sometimes their prices are quite a bit higher than the regular price than in other online stores.. I’ve especially noticed that on Pinkfresh Studio items. So beware and check prices before you order.

Pam Kenel says:

Unfortunately we don't have a Joanne's here in Canada, thanks for the tour.

Lisa Stevens says:

Love Joann’s! I get coupons on my cell. I have that green “tackle box” and I love it. Thanks for the tour.

Good Bad Allegedly says:

I have to ask is this the F'Burg Joann?

My Happy Space says:

Good to support local shops

Anne Furtado says:

Wow! This is a BIG JoAnnes! I live near 3 and they are smallish ( and sort of messy, half empty) Park Lane is put out by American Crafts for JoAnnes, a lot of there designers👍🏻👍🏻 great paper bargains every now and then I just got 60 % off pads ( including clearance👍🏻 got a bunch)
I can’t believe that open stock paper isle …SO BIG! Great goodies👍🏻

Carol Hodges says:

It’s been many years since I’ve been to Joann’s. We only have Michaels in my immediate area, but I’m going to research where the nearest Joann’s is. I had no idea they had all these great crafty items. Thanks for this!!

Virginia Stout says:

Do you like the Options storage more than the storage you’ve found at Harbor Freight Tools?

Deb Whitmore says:

What fun, thank you for taking us along!

the Crafty Bumblebee says:

What did you buy?

Andrea La Vigne says:

I was so happy when JoAnn's reopened their, Tyler, TX, store (the closest to us) a few years ago. Especially when Hancock Fabrics went out of business, since JoAnn's filled that void for fabric & sewing supplies especially. I love their crafting supplies, too, though! I really like their cardstock better than Hobby Lobby, since I think it's higher quality, but especially when the open stock goes on sale for like 10 sheets for $2! That pricing doesn't come around often enough (imho, anyway), but when it does, I'm often right there! When you consider that the regular price for their cardstock & patterned paper is around 79-99 cents a sheet, 20 cents is an awesome deal. Their felt squares (really rectangles, but they call them squares) get discounted pretty well sometimes, as well, if you're in need of small amounts of felt. And if you sign up for their e-mails, you can get exclusive coupons, too. I think they have an app for coupons as well, but I generally just go with e-mail. Can you guess I'm a JoAnn's fan? 😉 I was really bummed when Hobby Lobby discontinued their coupon. I frankly think they're shooting themselves in the foot. If they put everything on sale periodically, that would be different. But there are certain items or categories that never go on sale. I'll still go there for items on sale when I need them, but not nearly as often as I used to. Anyhoo, thank you for sharing your fab finds. I always love virtual shopping with you! 🙂 Take care, & have an awesome day! 🙂

LaVonn Thomas says:

This store is huge. Where is this, please?

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