CVS BEST DEALS (2/21 – 2/27) | LOTION, DIAPERS, FOOD & **Giveaway!!!

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🎥 5 Must DO CVS Deals (2/21 – 2/27):

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DeNeale York says:

My favorite deal this week is the Bic deal!

Mommyof2handsomes R. says:

Glad to see more CRTs!!!

Kristy Painter says:

Thanks for all of your great videos. I watch you weekly to get the scoop.

Faythe Harris says:

Love my dove deals!

Jennifer Trujillo says:

Awesome deals!

partofmydreams says:

I’m hoping to get CRTs again after being stuck with a few of the same ones when I use to get a ton. I’m glad the weather is warmer. TFS!

MetalMel says:

I did the Alpha Brain deal! So excited about it . Big money maker! I had just used the rest of my ECB's too. Now I'm replenished!

China Xiong says:

The weather is getting warmer here! I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t been able to get out much but I love all the deals and it makes it quicker for. Me

Theresa Moehlig says:

Even though I am not getting more than 5 CRTs, I still appreciate your videos.

Michelle Montgomery says:

Love your videos they are so helpful. Thank you

El G says:

My store wont take printables 😔

Sofia Ortiz says:

Loving the gold bond lotion deal this week.

Dj Longa says:

Thanks for posting the diaper deals!!

Zoraida Valdez says:

Just a comment on the bliss online deal. In my experience, you need to meet the $30 threshold after coupons in order to get the $10 extrabucks. Technically, if you do the deal as instructed in the video, you would still need to spend another $11.22 since you only paid $18.78. I've also noticed that online deals do not follow the 98% rule as most CVS stores do.

Vallerie Moulton says:

Congrats Kelly

Jennifer Buckley says:

I won’t be many deals this week. Just the necessities.

Vallerie Moulton says:

Bless you for your couponing tips. Giveaway.

Vallerie Moulton says:

Congrats Heather

k malcolm says:

Thanks Luann! Ur amazing!

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