CVS BEST DEALS (3/7 – 3/13) | BodyWash, Hair Care, Lotion & more!!!

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🎥 5 MUST CVS DEALS (3/7 – 3/13):

🎥 CVS Cash Cards – What you Need to Know:

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Sarah Coen says:

Savvy, spin that wheel! Thanks for sharing these great deals!

Pulse with a Purpose says:

❤️ the Savvy wheel of fortune. Thanks for the chance to win and all that you do to make couponing easy for us. 😊

Brittany Nice says:

Anyone here remember when "RetailMeNot" used to be called "Red Plum"?

Deb B says:

Lets win this ladies!

Patrica Reed says:

Great deals

Vallerie Moulton says:

I love the razor deals. Thank you for all your sugestions. "Savy spin that wheel".

Vallerie Moulton says:

Congrats Martha

Kathleen Guilliam says:

Hello & spin that wheel..

nono says:

I have yet to receive any CRT's ive called and they said they would be coming. Should i cancel and start a new card? Very frustrating!!!!!!!!

Isabel Cisneros says:

How do you know if your store follows the 98% rule ?

vyonnia williams says:

I would like to see a deal on send $20 get $10 on the Febreze and Downy sheets.

Buddy Mahley says:

Spin that wheel

Hiral Mahuwala says:

Savvy Spin the wheel!!

John Angry Spirit says:

I like the body wash deal but my region don't get Dial coupons

Donna Huggins says:

Congrats, Martha

Aurora Rivera says:

How fun that wheel is!

Monica Espinoza says:

Exciting!!!… I Like how you added the wheel to your channel!!… Thanks so much!

Yvonne Gilmore says:

Love the crest deal

Charlene Wilson says:

First time watcher love the different deals you had from others

Cindy Hodges says:

Savvy spin that wheel!!!!! I have some good cupons. I can't wait to shop

ReCee F says:

Spin that queens, thanks for taking your time doing videos

Samantha Fortier says:

The burn cream was only at 38% off at my store. And the kids listerine was sold out!

Rick S says:

great spin! Still struggling getting good crt's. That scarf is an awesome gift.

Alice Chandler says:

I didn’t get a paper nivea body wash, it was all for lotions

Nicole Paulsen says:

Savvy, spin the wheel!

Rosanna Pete Rodrigues says:

Thanks for sharing the Best CVS deals!

Carolina Seijas says:

Savy spin the wheels!!!! Thanks for all you do!

Sara Bichler says:

Savvy, spin that wheel!!

Antonia Abina says:

I loved the wheel!!

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