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Want to get the deals this week at CVS & Walgreens?? Visit the site I mentioned below for the set up for each deal and online coupons!

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This video is NOT sponsored by the website mentioned and I do not take credit for discovering/setting up the initial deal scenarios


Jess is Fabulous says:

My CVS cashiers and managers keep telling me that the cvs coupons are now all manufacturers as well. Although I don't argue bc their app has only "manufacturer coupon" listed on them

Desire D'London says:

5:26 LOL!

E.Cahill says:

Just found your channel, love it!!!

Juana Hernandez says:

What does ECB stand for

Danni Hauler says:

I'm off for some razors!! Thanks girlfriend!

Judith Williams says:

The Mars candy bars are 199 Sunday to Tuesday, then the price goes back to over 3 dollars a bag.

kjracke says:

Not a good week for me to watch this video!!! Now I am craving some chocolate!

Brownbeautykaur says:

Thanks for sharing Nicole

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