Cvs Coupon questioned

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CVS internet coupon questioned as being a copy
The coupon is for the One touch Delica $19.99
i was late for work so i had no time to argue
But i will go back again on my day off and try to use the another coupon again


ktodoma says:

Unfortunately its true and problem is system wide… And besides this is nothing. Check out my walgreens videos

ktodoma says:

Cellphone and I said I have to get this on film for youtube. I'm sure they heard………

ktodoma says:

@flacrafter This happens to me all the time when i try to use coupons

ktodoma says:

@TRochelles This happens to me almost every time I use internet coupons and even newspaper coupons . I call corporate for help explaining to cashiers and even managers who don't know or care to know the coupon policy .I hate calling corporate to complain but you have to stand up for what's right . And hopefully one day we will be able to go yo a store use a coupon with out drama .

Hey Tamona says:

OMG that happened to me at a CVS! I was told the exact same thing on a different coupon. They told the cashiers to look for the number but they taught them to look at the wrong number. The store higher ups screwed this one up big time! I had to call corporate in the store. It went on for over an hour and in the end, they gave it to me because they accussed me of something I did not do! Call corporate in the store and hold up the line!

flacrafter says:

Wow…it's as if they were not even hearing anything you were saying re the pin number etc. Thanks for sharing.

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