CVS Couponing! Easy For Beginners | All Digital Coupons

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one cute couponer says:

This video is a really simple beginner video. Lately I've been getting tons of new couponers who can't afford a newspaper to get coupons or who can't print coupons. Even worse, they have no clue where to start. I've even been told that some have still had a hard time learning after watching a few videos. This one is for you guys 💕💕
I broke it down as much as you'd need to keep your cool and not get stressed.
Experienced couponers can also follow along.

S Lee says:

With the $5.00 rewards, do you have to redeem the full amount in one purchase or only part and then the rest stay on your account to use later?

S Lee says:

The Simply Tide digital coupon…..was that a manufacturer coupon? Still learning about CVS coupons/shoppinng.

Brenda Poston says:

Ok let’s say I had that 5.00 coupon and I wanted the chips a hoy cookies, and now I have a 2.00 manufactures coupon. Can I use the 2.00 coupon along with the 5.00 store coupon you have there?

Brenda Poston says:

But does that 5.00 expire if you don’t use it ?

Tiffany Tilion says:

I like the way you break things down but I think at the end you should recap. And speed up some parts, $20 minutes of a long time. I find myself fast forwarding and missing the part I was looking for! Lol thanks for sharing your knowledge with us

Zulema Zacarias says:

What would you say the rock bottom price for toilet paper would be?

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Fun I love saving Money and seeing others save ,have a great day

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Free cookies are good

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

We did the Kleenex cottenelle deal used the money back and the coupons got ice freelol but yes cottenelle deal and digital five dollars off coupon and get five back and I had rewards I paid less than two bucks for two cottenelle then got five back awesome deals go see mine we have very similar hauls girl

FrugalMommaNTheWoods says:

Yes we used one digital and one paper two dollar off tide so got two bags Tide pods

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