CVS Couponing | PRINT THESE IP COUPONS ASAP Black Friday 2015

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(Video Request)
This video is to show you how to print these giftset coupons for the upcoming perfume giftset deals.

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Kris Moody says:

I forgot to say thank you for this video I was able to print and got 10 gift sets for free after using my ecbs on 4 different cards.

Ocarina of Time says:

$2 tide printable up again on

betty warren says:

Where can I find the $4 off $40 and other coupons?

betty warren says:

Thank you for letting us know where to print the coupons from, I just start following you about 2 weeks ago I just start couponing, I would like to know when you do you video for the deals of the week and do you do target's?

Jill Stork says:

Thank you very much!  I bought 4 gift boxes at CVS and plan to get more at Walgreens using my points!  You saved me lot's of money!

Workingthoseqs says:

These coupons would not print for me.

lisa p. says:

Went today to one CVS store and tried to use the $4.00 Covergirl coupon and it wouldn't go through. For that the cashier wouldn't accept it. Ended up going to another store and took a chance and sure enough it did go through. Went ahead and used the $12 ECB on the perfume sets and orbit gum. I also asked the cashier if I can use a coupon on the free perfume set and she was nice enough to try it and it took it. Paid $1.60 tax.  Yippee!!  Thanks again Toni for being so sweet to let us know about these coupons.  P.S. If anyone wants to know Beyoncé and Katy Perry gift sets were $19.99.

crissy workman says:

Thank you so much! I was able to print twice off each laptop…might print more on the home PC…🤑

Karen Crook says:

Thank you very much!

Marianne Hirschberger says:

Thanks so much for sharing!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!💗

bosslady1598 says:

Thanks for sharing this site!

Le Le says:

Thanks girl!!Blessing to you

lisa p. says:

Girl, you are awesome to let us know where to get these coupons. Thank you. I was hoping would have them which they didn't. I've never heard of this site. Will CVS let you use another coupon on a free? Enjoy this crazy 4 day weekend. What store are you hitting up on BF? LOL!

meankitty63 says:

thanks for sharing and enjoy your time off!!! that's awesome!!

Kelly Campbell says:

Do you know how much the gift sets are running?

Mommylyrics says:

Yes thanks!!

Gwendolyn Brown says:

Hello doll thanks for sharing! I don't know if you know but you can also get cash back from Ibotta on those fragrance sets! If you haven't already downloaded Ibotta, here's my link if you'd like to join! You can refer friends also and you make cash when your "team" unlocks rebates as well. I got a lot of items at CVS this week that had rebates on them. 🙂

SmartSavingMama says:

Loved the short video Toni! LOL I printed twice…thanks a bunch!

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