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Rachel Rowe says:

Girl your CRT’s this week are 🔥🔥🔥

Sandra Baker says:

Awesome deal. Thank you.

Lovetitca Kaylee says:

What is a glitch?

vicki Hudson-cherrix says:

Absolutely fantastic..
Thank you Linds.

Tara Eberst says:

I got the Lysol wipes a couple of weeks ago for .92 cents was only able to find 6 at one store my other cvs was full price

Amanda Gorske says:

Your cashier literally took your word for the amount to get back so you could use it on your next transaction!!!!! Wow our cashier isn't allowed to issue more then $2 at all without mgr approval

Milta Miranda says:

I made a bunch of gift bags with all the free nail polish😉

Amanda Gorske says:

Wow a $3/3 hair, nail etc crt haven't seen that one in FOREVER

Rebecca Gambino says:

I didn’t count my beauty bucks last week in my deals. So this week it was like having free money to spend! I ended up with a $14MM haul!! And I paid my subtotals with a fluz gift card. So happy with all the awesome deals I got this week!

Shelley Kimmel says:

I REALLY need to go shopping with an experienced couponer! I do my best but I'm positive I'm spending way more than I'm saving😥

Elda Rivera says:

Not couponing related, but what kind of ice coffee you get? It looks delicious lol 😆

Martyyythereader says:

That gold bond deal is amazing!!! I will be trying to find that coupon. I havent been getting inserts cus I wanted to slow down with couponing unless it was free. But def gonna go hunt and see if I can find it
Thank youuuu!! 🙌

Alaunda Gilmore says:

Hey Ladybug!🙋🏽‍♀️ Great Haul! I was just looking at my CRTS as we were taking my daughter to the airport! 😭 I love your nails 💅🏼 Thanks Doll! 🥰🌺 See ya 👋🏽 in the next one ☝🏾 Have An Awesome Week!🥰🌺

Paloma Ruiz ! says:

Heyy I have a $5/3 oral crt and the $5/3 digital will that glitch on 3 items ???

Rosa ray says:

hello how are you doing


I'm going to share everything I have gotten within the last two months 😊 I'm going to need a storage building pretty soon! 😊


I'm a two month old NEWBIE I'm still learning, especially when not to clip All the products at once cause they will definitely take the lower amount. I really appreciate you and several others that make things simpler for a newbie like myself. I still have to do my homework on how many times you can do a certain deal.


Great job 👍

Carole Cranston says:

For the gold bond can you get 2 mens? You amaze me !

Shop.with. Sarah says:

Your cashiers are rockstars! I can't wait to get the tide.

Octopus Knitter says:

My stash is building. Thank you so much for all the help.

Rosemary Sepeda says:

Yes I found those wipes on clearance for .99

ShiaT says:

This newbie help in the beginning is just amazing. I wish I knew it the first time I went to cvs 🔥🔥

T Jackson says:

Good haul friend

Leslie Smith says:

The ogx in my store was not ringing up bogo50%, the cashier had to price adjust and the ecb did not print. She had to force print it. I also did the Covergirl deal picking up the serum and my ecbs did not print for that either. She had to force print. Not sure what was going on today?? Those were the only two deals I did.

ShiaT says:

This newbie help in the beginning is just amazing. I wish I knew it the first time I went to cvs 🔥🔥

Brandi Montgomery says:

Hey! I finally got the cover girl blurring serum CRT that I see everyone else get all the time. So I’m excited about that!

Saving with Sara says:

Hey friend!

MelanyLoves Jesus says:

Thanks for another wonderful video!!

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