CVS Free & Cheap Coupon Deals & Haul | 5/2 – 5/8 | $19 Money Maker Week! | $240 SAVED🔥

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In this vlog, I’m sharing some of the best deals you can shop at CVS this week! Please see Google Doc below for coupon locations and written breakdowns. Please also remember to hit the thumbs up button! 👍🏾❤️

L’Oreal $2/1 –
Maybelline $2/1 –
Poise $5/2 –
Hair Care & Boost Coupons –

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Thanks for watching CVS Free & Cheap Coupon Deals & Haul | 5/2 – 5/8 | $19 Money Maker Week! | $240 SAVED🔥


Jasmyn says:

Do you scan paper coupons and then phone number ?

L says:

For the Hallmark, don't you have to buy 5 items per crt?

The number One vaper says:

Star, question!! How do you use the in app cupons? I thought we could only use them if we ordered off the app? I'm new at this still!! Please let me know! Great haul so far I'm only at 5:37 right now lol!!

Chris Giddens says:

What is the crt

marie TODD says:

Just started following and I'm wondering if you make a printable list of the deals with what coupons are needed? Thank you!

kristen clarke says:

I tried the maybelline/loreal deal. The $10 crt does not come off. I got the exact products that you got. I also used the same paper and digital coupons but for some reason it would only take my paper ones. Not the digitals. Any idea why?

Stephen Gibson says:

Today I texted my wife saying I almost had a Star moment today. Or as close to being like Star in a long time. I always giggle to myself, saying sure Star you got all the CRT, I got none… Today it was different, I worked with what I had like spend $40 get $8 off and did well. One thing I have noticed is that I am all digital and alot of times it not taking the paper coupon off, if it has just a digital. Today it was the Boost deal. I had 2 paper coupons, so I only used one and THOUGHT the digital would take care of the other. It didn't and I had to bring it to the attention of the cashier. How do you send the CVS digital receipt to Ibotta?

Sheyla Avila says:

Hi does anybody still now if the maybe line with L’Oréal is still working ??

Melissa St Hilaire says:

Everyone I watch ur is the best

Eva Mist says:

I tried to do the Maybelline Glitch. My total with the L'Oreal and Maybelline was $35.76. I was all excited and BAM my total was $10.76 BooHooHoo. Hey I tried. Thank You I did get the tweezer set

Amanda Libby says:

My store wont allow digital and paper at the same time, interesting watching your store work.

Julie Arboleda says:

can i use expired coupons from april

No Way says:

I got 4 boxes of Poise free thanks to your tip on the glitch, plus I had a $5/$20 Poise CRT. I used my CRT and 2 IP coupons with the glitch. 💅🏼

No Way says:

Love your channel I get all the best deals thanks to you ❤️☺️

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