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Hey friends!! Sorry for the no show last week!! Please forgive me!!! These P&G Deals this week are too much!!! Such great deals!!! Don’t miss out!!

Happy Couponing!!


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Nichole Clum
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Kay Muller-Santiago says:

hi there! i love ur videos! i am also new to couponing and would also like to ask if u could write out your transactions?! That would really help! Thank you!

Nousheen Lavaka says:

Just moved to the US from Australia and just started couponing. Slowly slowly getting the hang of it… Thank you for your awesome videos. Can I ask how one we all don't get the same coupons? I understand that prices can vary but a few weeks back I got no Sure deodorant coupon and this week I got not Tresemme or Summers Eve coupons. It's always the really good ones that are free or a great deal I don't get…

Tara Taylor says:

Welcome back…..awesome haul😍

sandraand6690 says:

So the P&G and shampoo can be done more that once? then why do they say 1 per house hold?

sandraand6690 says:

Why those bottles of detergent look huge?

chemicallyfreenolye says:

No Tide/Gain q's for Fresno😡

Bargain Beauty says:

Awesome Thank you

Yesenia Ventura says:

love to watch your videos👍👍🙏

Shonte Hall says:

Glad to see you back.I love your videos an thanks for sharing your deals.

Sprinkled With Sophy says:

Just saw this pop up! Thanks for sharing! I gotta go back and do some more deals after I just posted my own haul a couple hours ago haha

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