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Great deals this week, but some issues with the digital coupons not coming off! Let me know if y’all are having issues with them too! Love y’all! Check out the breakdown link below!!!! xoxo~Nicole

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clicksandcrochets says:

My haul was awesome this week! I had a 25% off coupon AND a $10 off $40! This was literally my first percent off coupon in over a year!!!!! Couldn't believe I actually got one! Then I got a $10 off $50 printed at the bottom of my receipt to use next week! I was on cloud 9!

Lydia Gutierrez says:

Have u went back for the singles blushes

Heidi Talley says:

Great deals ❄️🎄

Emily Mattoon says:

The Hershey layer crunch if u have the printable is b2g1 at giant/stopamd shop if u have one by u… So u buy 6 use 3 printables amd a bogo load 2 card coupon… They r $4.19 so it ends up being like $1.20 for 6!

Ashley hearts says:

hey!! Is it ok to buy coupons from

jody huntsman says:

I did not get them coupons either!

kjracke says:

Oh Reese cups 😍😍😍

kjracke says:

Good call on the PF deal for next week. I haven’t looked at next weeks ad yet so you just saved a sister! I need to get ahold of some of those yankee candle car scents! Those robes look so nice! I have been feeling them each week. This might be the week I buy!

9023rsd says:

Nicole, how do i get my ECB to print on my receipt plus CRTs? I've been trying to figure this out…Help! Thanks

Kim Ellis says:

Thanks for video! I have some coupons from ss if u need some. Let me know. Merry Christmas!

lilmoma40 says:

Where to get the percent coupons from

Dana Philemore says:

Love Reese's!

Amanda Vazquez says:

Would you like some physians formula coupons?

Jessica Escobedo says:

Lies!! They coulld have manually put those coupons through if they wanted to. I don't understand
Why they have to be so difficult but great video!!

Rhonda Booker says:

Yes please next week breakdown. Thank u

leesweet says:

Nicole thanks for sharing!!! 😊 Great CVS Deals!!! Love the PF gift sets!! 🎁 Would love CVS breakdown next week!! Happy Birthday to Trey and Waylon!! 🎂🎉🎈

sothy nim says:

Is there a limit on the nabiscos cookies??

Eve M says:

Thanks for sharing this with us. I need to get a Robe for a gift good to no this info…. Ty..

Kamie Zulauf says:

on the robes I couldn't find the size on the box is it on there an I'm just blind or is it one size fit all

Ruth Gonzales says:

Thanks for sharing..this was a great haul.

Cooking and Couponing with Cori says:

Great job!!!

jenifer wendt says:

They can always just apply a cvs coupon to replace the mobile qs and mcs. My cousin is the manager at cvs and he let me know that. People just don't want to do it and thats why, if the item matches the coupon perfectly and you are not misusing it and its not expired they can take it off. No one is getting in trouble if you just follow the coupon policy and not misusing them. People are just bitter and dont want us to win lol

Kammie Everett says:

Hershey's deal at Walmart $3.48 each then $1 on Ibotta X2 makes each bag around 70¢ if you still need the Hershey crunch.

Joyce Simms says:

I've had issues with my lately also. Coupons not showing up that everyone else has gotten and then not resetting when it should. 😕

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