CVS Pharmacy Coupon Haul 6/12/16 – FREE L’Oreal Paris Shampoo/Conditioner!

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Cheap Colgate, FREE L’Oreal, and More!


Ondina Brito says:

thanks you.

Angela Weiler says:

ibotta has a rebate for loreal so does saving star so it makes it a money maker 🙂

dreww04 says:

The Colgate Total ECB is only on 4.6oz or larger. The one you bought was 4oz, so it didn't trigger the ECB.
I did the same thing. 🙁 My store doesn't start tagging the shelves until Sunday (usually when I'm in there shopping), so I wouldn't have known. My fault for not checking. Oh well! I'll probably go pick up the 49 cent box later this week. 😀

MrDesoto1 says:

Love your French

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