CVS UNADVERTISED DEALS (4/5 – 4/11) | New Printable Coupons

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LIVE CVS Chat | Tips for On-Line Deals:

What CVS Deals to DO On-Line:


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marisel Vargas says:

I bought 2 eclipse gum is buy 1 get 1 free i bought orbit it was buy 1 get 1 free its attaching the 3 dollar off teeth whitening with this i paid 0

Benny Wu says:

I got an issue in store today with the oral care deal i bought 2 colgate mouthwash and 2 colgate toothbrushes $3.99 each x 4 =$15.96 and unfortunately the $3 off $15 oral care did not apply so i wonder is it their system issue or fhey change their policy again

Rhonda Curry says:

Thanks for searching for the great deals!

Kentucky NaNa says:

👋 Louellen my “Savvy”.. some great insight tks. 4 sharing n all ya do to help us out on som unadvertised… n although it sounds like higher oop,… it’s quality items and b4 ya know it… that’s wat will be left to get… from wat I’m seeing,.. n shelves not gettin much on em due to this cycle we goin thru n will take a year to see a complete cycle to get stores stocked n warehouses after this cause it gonna get worse… Alot b4 it gets better,…

Gigi Stacey says:

I noticed someone printed out the 6 off 12 haircare, (just used as an example) It looked bigger, like they printed from their home computer. Maybe, found on their cvs acct and printed out. This would be wonderful. I think the cashier get confused and when you ask them they will just say it took it off. Can you print these on your own laptop?

Kimberly KKV says:

Some coupons won't attach

Elizabeth Paul says:

I am so frustrated with CVS online right now. I am trying to fill up my cart with needed items, but things are either out of stock, or something will be there for a short time, then disappear. How does this help those of us trying to stay out of stores?

Nancy Cheng says:

Love the video as always. Just wondering if you had any problem seeing what products are attached to new CRT we are getting this week. For some reason I don’t see any products attached to many of mine new CRT. Just wondering if there is an issue with CVS system today. Thanks!!!

Mayra P says:

Hi Luellen..Thank you for showing us deals. Not going to shop this week. I like your videos so I had to watch.

homes Simmons says:

Can extra bucks be used towards ihop etc.. gift cards

Super Saver says:

Don’t need anything yet but I’m still watching and supporting my favorite YouTube host’s including you:) Have a good day, and stay safe and sane.

Rita Followell says:

Had to go in store today. Got $4 off revlon. $5 off Burt’s Bees. $5 off maybelline or L’Oréal. I also got a $12 off $60 purchase. I hope this helps those that were asking.

Julie Twomey says:

Crest pro health is already out of stock for shipping. 😢

Dora Chavez says:

Good Morning Luellen ❤

Alisa Aydin says:

Good morning! I was up at 3am trying to order some items, completely sold out! Weird because I checked last night at around 11pm before the new sale hit, but at 3am sold out! The crest gum detoxify is now sold out 😫

Matthew Leasure says:

When am I going to get my ecbs from last week?

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