DEAD DEAL Run Deal On Swiffer Products @ Dollar General Using Digital Coupons

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Swiffer products and Snuggle Dryer sheets are NO LONGER working!

WATCH NEXT: Dollar General Sceanrios $15 worth of products for $0.45!


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Run Deal On Swiffer Products @ Dollar General Using Digital Coupons

Cheap Swiffer Kit and Refills!


Christine Manter says:

And can't find digital coupons

Christine Manter says:

I can't get signed up for other accounts? It won't let me

New2 Coupons says:

Great information

Laryssa R says:

are there seperate digital coupons for the cat and dog swifters?

Savy Penny says:

Thanks for sharing, i went yesterday and got 1 for each, come back today and they are all full price.

Susan Abushaban says:

Hi sorry it was $2.50 the swiffer dry pas with pic of dog I had on my order plus I had a package of swiffer wet pads the $2 came off of that but my $3 didn't take for the dry pads I just took it off the bill.
My dollar general is a bit strange there has been times people post certain deals on YouTube I go down and same item won't take digital coupon off. Most times it works. It's a hit or miss and when I told her I have the $3 swiffer clipped to my account she tells me she can't control the coupons. But on a brighter note got my free snuggle. I walked out paying $6 for aluminum foil a cling wrap a bag of gain flings swiffer wet pads snuggle dryer sheets and a pack of cookies. So thanks I will continue to watch your deals thanks 😀

Susan Abushaban says:

Hi thanks for trying. my digital didn't come off for the pet swiffer pads they were the dry pads it was only $2.25 but the $3 coupon didn't work

Pug Life says:

Dollar generals around me don't have the dusters for 250 there $5… ; (, but I get end up getting the swifter deals…. thanks so much for the post!!! 😉

janett maldonado says:

Can someone post a video of the sale for the dial $2 off 8 with buy one bodywash get one hand soap free

Margarita Perez says:

I could never find the neutrogena digital….how sad! I really needed them too!

Gloria T. says:

The swiffer 16ct. are on clearance for $4.50. The one's that u bought, were they on clearance or regular price?

WV Couponing says:

We got 2 coupons in the local RedPlum insert this past Sunday compared to 32 & 33 in other newspapers in other states.
Smart Source, we got only 21 compared to 67+ in other newspapers. And the gas stations & other places say they're not allowed to give the newspapers away later on.

Susan Abushaban says:

I have the 3 off 15 do I buy all items that you showed in one transaction

Melissa Missy Spiller says:

Love all the deals …

Viola Alley says:

Thanks for the deals

Megabucksavings says:

Is there still the $2 sale on dial?

ana rivadeneira says:

Thank you for your time

Suzanne Dotson says:

Do you have to print out the 3 off 15 survey coupon?

ALittleBitSmall says:

Thank you!!! I will look for them

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