Denny’s vs Ihop – What’s Your Choice Dennys or Ihop?

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Click here there has a been a long standing split in the Denny’s vs. Ihop debate. So my question is, which do you prefer…Denny’s or iHop? Click the link below this video to choose and you could get a Denny’s or Ihop gift card for choosing your favorite. So click the link below now to take the quick survey to see if you qualify.

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FrankATracy says:

We have a Denny's diner and an IHOP right by our house. Denny's is always good, has great prices and is extremely consistent in how their food is made. IHOP has higher prices and is never consistent. So Denny's is the easy winner, at least in our town.

AJ says:

Denny's is way better!! Better prices, food, and service!

mrkjsmooth16 says:

Hell yeah DENNY'S is better!

Chuy83 says:

Dennys!  Cheaper, more choices, more meat!

Curt Hollingsworth says:

Denny's vs IHOP ….I am going Denny's too!

Matt Sherriff says:

Great video on Dennys vs IHOP… I choose Denny's

Portfolio Loan | Mortgage Guide says:

Denny's or IHOP?

Tara Woodruff says:

What Would You Choose Denny's Or IHop ?

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