Disney Crossy Road Secret Character Token Scan! All Six Secret Toys! Pause Video & Scan In App!

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All Six Limited Edition Toy Tag Tokens To Scan In Game! Just pause the screen and scan in app! Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters.

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Daniel Biasi says:

Hey Disney Dan, My name is Dan as well and I’m a massive fan, and for some reason, my ticket machine isn’t working, if you find a way to fix it, could you tell me please.

Luna Moonlight says:

The alien one never worked for me; didn't matter what I did… can someone help me please? I want to collect them all :c

Viper Night says:

Thanks man this was so helpful

Chloawesome10 says:

never mind I finally got it

Chloawesome10 says:

I need the baymax one
help pls

Rafael Alcazar says:


Petunia Ico says:

Thx Disney dan!!! I'm a huge fan of Disney crossy road!! I have like every single but thx to u I got those epic ones thx so much!☺️😁😁👍 keep up the good work👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏

Jazmín Picado says:

Thanks!!! It worked💓

Luca Loves Sonic says:

It didn't really work

Christopher Russell Goodall says:

Works perfectly. Thanks.

Jo Cox says:

Thanks for letting me get the characters in game!!!!

rien chan says:

witch theme is the pirate with pig…

liam lynch says:

It actually worked

Daniel Biasi says:

You are the best, I love all of your videos.

PGP gAming says:

This stuff is crazy!!!

Chr Koo says:

Also had issue scanning Alien, but just moved ipad at an angle and it worked! YAY!

Chr Koo says:

Thank you, Disney Dan!!! They all worked! you saved me a lot of headache with my son. haha… You are a Blessing!

Andrew allam says:

lol life hacks 101

Perun says:

alien does not work

Patrick Moutsi says:

Although crossy road works perfectly fine for my phone,Disney crossy road lags so much i can't even play!😣 (Samsung Galaxy J5 2016) Any help?

Sir Dalton J. Lunday the 1st says:

Thank you so much it actually worked.big thank you

An alias the alian kiddie rides and arcads says:

it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masterjedic6259 says:

thanks,i unlocked all of them

Solesisita says:

omg it worked in all of them!!

Naomi Usagi says:

Thanks! I could unlock every but the zebra which you can win if you go through Lion King world and you find a double file of zebras

Toby Howarth says:

I tried to scan alien but it doesn't work

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