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On January 31, 2016 my partner and I will be together for 7 years! I decided to make him some love coupons for the many more years to come. I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial!

I forgot to clarify in my tutorial that only one envelope will need a liner. The envelope with the liner will be at the top. There is no need to make a liner for all the envelopes (unless you want to). You will be gluing the top flap of the envelope on to another envelope so you won’t see the liner anymore. I hope this isn’t too confusing.


Download the anniversary coupons from my link below:


For personal use only.

Kraft Cardstock Paper – Joann
Baker’s Twine – Target
Clear Stamps – Joann

Song Title: Golden Ocean
Artist: Nicolai Heidlas

This is not a sponsored video.


prathibha bhadrinath says:

Hiii mam u did awsome… Can u say from where can i get tht stamps… I am from india…

Mothers Intuition says:

i absolutely LOVE this idea but i’m a stay at home with a 10 month old is there anyone to buy this?? i would make it but never a chance to really sit and do it.

Isabella Nørgaard says:

This is so beautiful and authentic✨

Ohh Sehun says:

how can I put my anniversary in love coupons ?

Kiara Power says:

And i was doing it fot fathers day

Kiara Power says:

Who else failed miserably cause i did

Cass Clark says:

Oh wow the envelope thing is the smartest thing I've seen. I've never thought of that

Fokaira says:

wonderful idea i will try it out

Nicole Roberts says:

Just made one for my 11 year anniversary with my babe! Instead of coupons though I made cards that stated why I love him so much and each card had a different picture of us on it. Thanks for the idea it is super cute

ameni warteni says:

where did you get the love coupons from ? the link please . thank you kissses from Tunisia 💋

Sam Diz says:

can't believe im watching after a year!!!!

Josh Knight says:

I'm going away for vacation. Will be making this for her. This is awesome. Thank you. 🙂

sharina custodio says:

this is so cute 😊

Laura says:

Very good! It was beautiful

ReAf Mehboob says:

Reallyyy nice❤

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