DIY Coupon Holder

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Here’s another tutorial on making your life more organize I’m coming to you today on how to make Coupon Holder it’s very simple, and you can even make yourself some extra’s for friends and family as a gift. Hope you enjoy this tutorial please don’t forget to THUMBS-UP SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT below!! Thanks!

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dee6075 says:

We don't have a lot or any coupons in Australia except the fast food or purchase books for fundraisers but I am sure it could be adapted for other uses. Thank you for the tutorial

Rosalyn Bennett says:

Julie! You're a gem for sharing! Thank you! I just have one lil old request…can you edit the video to make the close captioning words a darker color than white? It's difficult to read against the video background…

Kylie Tagak says:

What's the title of the music, i love the coupon holder❤😍😘👍🏻

Marita Rodriquez says:

You are simply amazing!!!! I love this holder, it's so feminine and elegant 🌸🌸🌸 Many blessings to you ❤

Maureen L says:

to much for beginners and expensive too

Rafat Siddiqui says:

Please make a tiara

Faizan Lolo says:

This is AWSOME…i cant explain how beautiful and creative is this………i cant believe it

Shova Islam says:


Petrowa Dominguez says:

You aré the BEST ❤️❤️❤️

The Meticulous Mommy says:

your just a creative genius!

Jennifer Mir says:

so clever one of best diy I have seen. thanks will be making one.

Mei Crafts says:

very good idea! It's beautiful and useful.

J's Creations says:

FABULOUS! this is going on my diy list to try…thanks for sharing.

Darlene Chavez says:

do you sell some of you things you make

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