DO THIS Before NOTE 8 Trade In Promo Offer Galaxy Note 7

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Protect yourself and do this.
Note 8


S says:

what about Canadian note 7 owners? do they have the same promotion?

Art O says:

I need some help has anyone received the Note 8 that was ordered from Samsung directly, on the chat sites everyone says that they were told that the phone will be shipped on September 14th, will it's September 27th and I can not get any info from the Samsung Support site or over the phone about the shipment date. ? THX Art

IncogNieto says:

I'm worried now because the back glass was replaced but other Thant that the phone Is flawless

wamblue says:

Did you see that your phone is a 7 edge…not a note… It's listed as a note in your video. Jackson

Bk94541 says:

I did that $425 off on 24th & TOP of that U get PROMO/128G & wireless charger …U cant fuckin beat that with any phones or brand …Loves Samsung VERY royal to their customers ..they NOT like APPLE greedy mother fuckers …they give u dick to suck on with their boring phones, NEVER fuckin support them! …dont be to HARD on yourself , they gave u $425 off , no matter what, & U already got that discount..longest ur phone turns on & off & in pretty good shape , as not broken U all good & I think they will send u nice packed up box to send it back to them ..No worries

TralfazConstruction says:

Fine suggestion/idea. I'd do this then record it being sealed in the outgoing container too with, maybe, distinctive witness markings on the packaging.

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