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Donna Crockett says:

I did this deal tonight. It worked perfectly. There was a $0.25 difference in one products price. No biggie. Thank you so much for the scenarios.

fbcervantes says:

Yes dear I know that ..what try to ask is coming out right. Sunday paper coupon can is cover or is the same as 3 of the separate digitals. So really I've used that coupon twice already I just didn't know if they'll let me use it a third time with the paper because the limit is 2 not sure if that makes sense if you look at the paper coupon and read what all it covers it's a different than the digital ones that we are using even though it covers the same

fbcervantes says:

Question..if I get 2 down unstoppables and take off Gain liquid detergent but I use $2 coupon from paper..wld that work. I'm asking bc P&G Sunday coupons are combined odd . The coupon is for detergent or scent or fabric softener….which diff. From DG digital. Jt don't want to hv met coupon limit and it not take it.πŸ€” Hope what I'm asking makes sense

Lori Cullen says:

😱 Thanks to you Toni for sharing all of your moxie regarding how to save money with using apps and coupons. I am a newbie to using coupons however at 63 I am still able to learn something new. You have a loyal new follower in me. thanks so much for sharing! Have a blessed day!

Simple life! says:

Love your illustration !!!

Donna Barnes says:

Got it! Saved $18! $9.40 subtotal and $11.42 after tax. Thank you from this college student momma in Oklahoma! <3

sonia maldonado says:

Hello is my first time couponing. Do I have to buy all this online?

Elizabeth Torres says:

Thanks Toni, God bless you and your family, have a wonderful weekend 😘

Veronica Castro says:

We also clipp the $5 off $25 correct? I'm just wondering if I clip or show her the add after

Rachel garza says:

Thank you so much πŸ˜‡

AcidbathProductions says:

Thank you for explaining everything so well. I'm addicted to your channel.

cindy grajeda says:

I really need to try Dollar General …..Thanks for all you do!!!

Sandra Star says:

Thanks for the match ups

Daiana Santana says:

Hi Toni! I have a question, I received an email to get a pay pal debit card and I know you already have. Are there any hidden fees to have this card like an annual fee or any of that sort? I wanted to get so I can mostly use it for couponing. Thank you in advance.

Linda Carbajal says:

Love when you do Dollar General videos. Especially only using digital coupons!!!!

doris8600 says:

Thank you for thinking about our broke college kiddos! My daughter is going off to college this year and I am "training" her to coupon. Going to show her this video! Love it!

Misti Ortiz says:

Thank you for all of your hard work in order to help us newbies. Love your channel. πŸ’–

Margarita Linares says:

Thank you Tony

C Andrews says:

So how do you get them to take the $5 off $25 last if it's clipped to your phone number?

Brianna Banks says:

What are good online places to get Dove and Tide coupons ?

Veronica C says:

do you know if we will still get the 5 dollars of next purchase.for purchasing pg products?

Shanna Banana says:

Thank you! My daughter is a broke college student (lol) and I am creating a stockpile so she can "shop" when she comes home for the holidays! πŸ™‚

Sharon Bezel says:

Omg thank you!!! I have been trying to figure out dollar general and these digital coupons are scary. You make it look so easy!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! ❀️❀️❀️

sara perez says:

Gracias πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

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