Dollar General Couponing// 1.12 Gain Detergent// 5 off 30 Gain

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Dollar general couponing using the 5 off 30 gain store coupon. Getting some really cheap items. Thank you for watching. Please like and subscribe if you have enjoyed this video!


Candace McMillian says:

Wow thank u😀..for breaking this down.Im a newbie at couponing and this will help me alot!!!!

bladehh1 says:

Tfs. ☺☻♥☼

Nakia S Johnson says:

I love the way you break down couponing. You have made it much simpler to follow and understand. I'm a huge fan of all Gain products. My hometown has 4 dollar generals and I will try to hit them all up, lol. Thanks and can't wait to save money!

Karen Lee says:

Anybody…..Can you start at $30.55?  When I get these exact items my total will be $30.55?  how do I apply the 5/30?  when do I put my  number in? etc etc  Help!

Camry Watkins says:

I just want you to know that you are officially my favorite YouTuber!!! Girl you are a life saver. Much love & God's blessings to you & your channel. 😘😘 People are really missing out not watching your videos.

Ashley The Extreme Couponer says:

I think if you use the 3/15 the 5/30 will not come off. I am not sure if you use the 3/15 survey. They have it fixed now where you can not combine both

Erika Lopez says:

Okay so tomorrow i will be going to dg are yoh sure i can use the $3/15 and the $5/$30 together

deals 4days says:

Thank you for the video. Have u ever tried this deal on saturday? If I spend 30 on gain, will both come off (5 off 30 for gain and the 5 off 25 for saturday)?

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