Dollar General Digital Coupons! High Value! CLIP NOW! April 9 2017

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Candie Lawson says:

thx Becky.. Roll on them Deal gf.. my Notification is on ya but of course that doesn't mean I get all u post so I just have to hunt ya down sometimes.. Truly love ur small hauls that helps my family out tremendously.. keep'em rolling them n I'll keep watching n doing as u do.. Thanks a million girl "The Dollar General Queen".❤❤💯✔️

Jasmine Harvey says:

Thank you!!!

Cynthia Moore says:

what razors do you get if both coupons are clipped. please let me know which razors to get with both razor bic coupons. Please let me know asap. i was in the hospital on Saturday and didnot get to use any of my digital coupons. so please tell me what type of bic razors to get with both digital coupons..please contact me asap.

GloreseMarieSaves says:

TFS! They're also back on coupons. com

Ms. Hill says:


carbonfreak78 says:

Thanks for sharing! Happy Sunday 😊

Griselda ramos says:

awesome can't wait to go to DG!!!

Natalie Wilborn says:

TFS!!!! 👍🏻🛒❤️🛍💵😊

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